[Discussion] Balance, Bias, Matchmaking and Battle Ratings

Slow clap GJ, you really destroyed 9.0 - 12.7 with your Obj292 and the hardcore pros who allready bought or grinded the thing. It was not enough that BMP2M, 2S38 and KA50 are Op as hell, no you had to pull another stunt. And to the guys who will write “skill issue”, get some brain before you post.


Let me guess, 292 is unfair even at 12.7 ?

Sorry to say dude, but it might be a skill issue on your part, literally.


11.7 with air 12.7 is totally fu**** allready, because of Cas and helis and the Obj 292 is only the russian cherry on the cake. The thing lolpens you everywhere and the spalling of the APFDS guarantees a kill.

And there are enough bigbrains who write that AA is fine at toptier, yeah sure, you can´t do shit against space climbers who kill you from space.

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they made up the armor protection against KE munitions for the abrams (only 400mm or so protection) and i never complained about bias once in 9 years playing but thats hella made up lol

Thank you Gaijin for adding the Object 292, you have forever ruined 10.0.


Although I believe this viewpoint has already been voiced by many, I would like to address it just in case.
I personally enjoy playing as Germany, specifically on the ground RB side of things, and many of my matches have been overrun by Russian premium vehicles (specifically around the 9.0 mark). Now obviously, my lack of skill also plays into part of this but given that sometimes me and my team are quite literally being spawned by 2s38’s and other premium vehicles around the 10.0 rating, i feel they should either be increased in BR or somehow make matchmaking more balanced

I dont know why u let TAM2C to be 10.0 comparing with M1128 and 2S25M. 10.0TAM2C is not even have better amor than 9.0 TAM 2IP. 10.0 Puma only has 30 mm machine gun but no ANTI TANK Missile. Compared with 2s38,10.0 puma is so bad. I think even bmp4 is better than puma. Why WT let Tiger II meet with t54 or is3 or something else?Balance is not enough though.

Because somone in gajin dev team has problem with thinking.
Tiger 2 vs IS3 or T54 is not a big problem. The problem start when on 6.7 we have swedish IKV with laser and heatfs. When on 8.0 we have heavy arty with full modern combat tech vs tanks like maus 7.7, IS4, T55, Leopard 1 etc.

Ob 292 should never been implemented. 10.0 has enaigh cancer with mixing 2s38 from 2020s with leopard 2a4 from 1980s. Now we have:

Russian flat tank - ob775
Russian anti all auto Cannon - 2s38
Russian deathstar - ob292
Russian cas - su25
Russian supreme AA - striela
Russian on God mode - Turms (T72 on steroids)

All those vs:

Challenger 1 Set plus vickers MBT prot
Poor CAS not bad aa
Early M1 series with Wolfpack/stryker td good A10 CAS
Lea2A4, Puma after nerf, flakrakpz (after hudge nerf) - better use gepard A2 or begleitpanzer -
No reliable cas.
About French and rest - similar

And now there is a question. If they (russian) have Such a good lineup should they win all battle? Nope. At 10.3 i saw Such a imperial stormtroopers like never before. Take a Look how many countries have export T72M1 (poor Brother of T72A) and those tanks are monster in lineup. Russian Players are even worse than German MEIN! An here we have Gayjin - they pump russian ego with new op tech. Take a Look, why british Hesh doesnt wark at all, when russian HE kills whatever he hit? This is no more funny snail…

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Nerf CAS in ground rb, this is ridiculous. You need to increase the br for some planes in ground rb, from rank 4 and up.
While we are using rocks and sticks to take them down they get missiles and rockets that are pinpoint accurate from 4km away. Increase their br or lower SAM spaa’s br so that they can taste their own medicine.


AIM-9M needs to be nerfed in sim.
The IRCCM is fine, and makes it a nice counter to the R73, but the smokeless motor is what kills the balance.
Good luck seeing one getting launched at you, whether it be from the rear or the front, you cant see it.
‘‘But you can preflare!’’, sure, dump an ongodly amount of flares to spoof the seeker, then drastically change direction while still dumping flares to evade the missile that has now gone blind. Now you are out of energy, and flares, because combloc planes refuse to carry alot of flares compared to western counterparts.

In air RB the aim9m is fine imo, with the little red diamond still indicating it. In sim however, it is a menace and basically uncounterable.

also, in this video you can clearly see that AIM-9M’s IRL have some form of smoke/condensation that allows it to be tracked visually.

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… and here we are again … the next stupid with the Object 292 is online. If people want to drive ? Go for it ! If people say it’s cool ? Go for it !#

But stop those dumb discussion about it needs thermal and more reverse speed !!! Get use to it and learn that it is a T80 and don’t cry around.

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That seems like it might have used a non smokeless motor for a sort of test against the target, although what do i know ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Oh wow the obj292 is scary.

Nah not really

No wonder there is a British bias that sucks…

I guess AIM-9M didn’t have smokes.

From the video of the Sidra Bay incident in 1989, there is a scene of an F-14A firing an AIM-9M against a MiG-23, but there was no smoke from the missile.

My thoughts about BR changes currently:

F-104G (Italy) should go to 10.3
CL13 Mk4 should go to 8.3
F-84F (all) should go to 8.3
G.91YS should drop BR to 9.3
F-15(All variants) to 12.7
It pains me but AMX Ghibli should probably go to 10.7
Most ariete tanks should drop 0.3br

AIM-9M is literally smokeless irl, that is a lot of the reason it existed in the first place.

which ones

While I agree there needs to be some changes, there are already a lot of CAS aircraft that can’t perform CAS because of things like the Pantsir/Strela/etc

Should the A-7D recieve the ALR-46 rwr?


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low quality 240P vid vs high quality video actually filmed this century. nice comparison dawg