Discuss: different repair/rearm mechanics for Air RB

When you land, once your plane comes to a halt, your plane is simultaneously rearmed, refueled and repaired.

  • This is silly from a realism point of view (why would you hang bombs under a wing that is just now being bolted back on?)
  • This leads to undesirable behavior like you not getting the full ordnance when your wing was damaged at the beginning of the rearming (as described for example in Repair and Rearm bug with F5E )
  • This also leads to the players not caring about their plane’s health once they are on the final landing approach to the runway and specifically:
  • this REWARDS the embarrassing belly landings, as no matter how much they damage the plane, it is faster to ruin your plane than to land properly using a landing gear. Because both timers (repair and rearm) run simultaneously, and you have to wait for the rearming one anyway.
    As it its now, landing properly, with gear, takes more time ( losing energy in the air, braking on ground ) and is more challenging than just to disgracefully plunge down the belly of your plane onto the tarmac.
    A belly landing on the other hand takes less skill, stops your plane faster and therefor gets your plane faster back in the air. Should this really be rewarded?

My suggestion consists of two parts, which should be implemented together.

  1. I suggest that the timers for repairing and rearming are done sequentially, so FIRST you have to get your plane repaired, THEN it can be refueled and rearmed.
  2. I suggest that the repair time would be dependent on the amount or degree of damage on the plane. So a bullet hole or two would be fast, a critical damage (like the multitude of damages to engines and fuselage from the belly landings) would take substantially longer, and landing while “clinically dead” (“J” on your screen, someone got credited for your kill) takes even longer than that (this is already in the game, it takes a lot of time to repair if you are “dead”)

Why implement it together? Well, if a bullet hole (and you do have a bullet hole or two in your plane after a combat sortie!) takes exactly as long to repair as the belly landing damage, then my whole “supporting the landing gear landings” goes out of the window.

What would this suggestion change:

  • people landing on their gear would be faster in the air than people deliberately smashing their plane onto the runway
  • therefor skilled landings would be rewarded by being up faster
  • deliberately ruining your plane would be punished in comparison

What do you think?

– Etaski


Maybe for sim, why make it more complicated

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No,… you ask to be Base killed in Jet RB it is barely possible to land and rearm sometimes, with 20 seconds to wait for Repair/Rearm,…

Already in game going from 10 seconds (max crew+qualifications) up to 3 minute of repair (worst crew+high damage)

It would bring nothing else than people firing all weapons then crash, instead of trying for rearm/repair, as the suggestion would make it too long to do so.

We already have players that crashes not to give rewards, don’t increase that.

Belly landings are a thing for emergency of every aircrafts IRL, but i agree the belly landing should be rewarded only by 3 minute of repair (whatever the crew level), while still being a reward if strafed/killed on the ground.

That from all previous point you don’t know how game work entirely nor you did thinked about the issues that are going to be coming along your proposal.

The rearming point is due to the re-use of the sub-program coming from air reloading feature in Arcade mode → out of everything, the alone change should be to rescale that feature from the current to half of it, depending on crewskill.

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In regards to the belly landing stuff… in AirRB I think is a little silly.

It should be something along the lines of:
. Belly land with operational landing gear… is an extra repair penalty**
. Belly land with missing landing gear from enemy action… no extra repair penalty
. Belly land with missing landing gear from own action/inaction (i.e. intentionally ripping them off***) … is a repair penalty

** if you’re coming in for landing too fast and need to land belly to stop in time… that’s on you.

*** doesn’t need to be intentional – if you rip them off from overspeed then that’s on you… counts as a penalty. AirRB should be leaning more towards Sim than Arcade and you should know the rip speed.

All you say is that af aaa is ineffective/useless for Jet BRs.

For prop BRs the idea is not bad.

So either the OP clarifies this or gaijin aligns the af protection level between prop and jet levels.

Totally misleading as 10 sec repair covers several crits at once - the proposal clearly distinguishes between minor and major damage for planes being alive.

You are asking for easier runway kills at Jet BRs, nothing else.

  1. Crashing on purpose to avoid long repair times is one of the boldest claims i have read so far and is imho just a wild guess.
  2. Crashing on purpose to deny kills/rewards works only with an undamaged plane - and has nothing to do with repair/rearm times.

Instead of providing constructive feedback you provided a mix of wild guesses / claims with a rather hostile attitude (“you don’t know how game work”…).

Just imagine you would have received this kind of feedback.

Although i appreciate your efforts - imho there are way more stupid things in Air RB like 7 minutes fuel, unrealistic gun convergence, 12 G pulls by A6Ms or this mouse aim nonsense (just to name a few) which are way more annoying regarding realism in wt.

Imho you might consider reducing your expectation level regarding realism whilst playing wt - but i support your general idea of adjusting repair times to actual damage. But have in mind that players in general hesitate to welcome changes if there is no real benefit for them.

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This sounds very complicated for a simple repair and rearm mechanic. I mean im not necessarily against it but Air RB has a lot of other issues that i think would be better served for the devs to work on at the moment.

Maybe in an ideal world, something like this could happen.

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For props the fact that the ennemy is way slower helps,… that’s a fact, but a good player know how to pass through AA defence aswell ^^"

Repair is set on the time you use it → if you crash directly your repair is reduced by time you took to go back to airfield, repair, rearm, taking off again.

Crashing will then be useful → less repaircost and avoid to have ennemy waiting you outside of AA range or rushing you.

It’s asking for a rescale? Why not.

Belly landing IRL = several weeks of repairs → here in game it offers faster repair–> i agree that this is an abuse

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Its obvious you do not know enough about landing mechanics, as there is a way to rearm quicker than a aced timer if your un damaged. Your actully cutting your own throats

Aside from the unqualified insults from Mr. “I know everything better than any of you” :
replay or it did not happen.

Unless then, I know what to think of you.

Have a nice day.

I made my assumption of you a long time ago when you trolled an inocent person

Have a nice day

I agree, it’s quite disheartening to realize that putting effort into achieving a perfect landing holds no significance compared to intentionally performing poorly. It feels like knowing how to fly an aircraft loses its entery relevance, undermining the immersive experience we seek in simulating the role of pilots…


Okay? Broken gear is going to be much longer than a few minutes. You want irl rep times?

No,… i want those Repair times to be Realistic over the current range of repair times we have.

Belly landings basically rip off apart most underneath skin, and the current structural shock stress that it implies (due to not using dumpers integrated in landing gear) makes the structure to be buckling,…

That’s why such landings should make everyone doing it to have the max repair time available in the game, which for an aircraft is about 3 minutes of repair time.

That’s what i said there:

Realism is not about real repair times (weeks in this case), but about make it balanced.

→ landing time for belly landing is about half the time you need with gears, but repair should be subsequently made over the fact that you ripped off the structure of the aircraft while doing so (and Propeller for propeller aircraft)

@Smin1080p this should be addressed btw,… so how can i do it?