Repair and Rearm bug with F5E

There’s a problem with the rearming system on damaged plane that attached their missile to the very end of the wing.

Let’s take the example of my F5E;
If I loose one of my wing during the fight but manage to come back to the airfield, the planes will be rearmed BEFORE being repared. The problem with the F5E is that missiles are attached to the end of the wing… So when you are finally repaired and placed to take off, you only have one missile because the second one couldn’t spawn on the damaged ( missing :) ) wing.

Please fix this… We only have two missiles on the F5E so having only one after repair is a bit annoying.

Thanks in advance

(please excuse my english. It’s not my mothertongue)

I have never heard of that before, and I am not flying jets so take my position with a grain of salt, but could you not J after being repaired, go to the loadout screen, and change your loadout forth and back so you have 2 missiles again? Sure, annoying workaround, but beats flying with only half your ordnance, right?

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Yes of course, this workaround will work. But, when the time is against you (like an ennemy coming for you), and it’s often the case when you back to the airfield, this is litteraly too long comparing to other planes. There’s no reason that these kind of jets have such a disadvantage.

(Thanks for the idea :). It’ll surely help people anyway )


Could you please make a report on Community Bug Reporting System and link me to it? I will then review and forward the issue.


I’m a bit late (mostly because real life takes time)
But here it is : Community Bug Reporting System

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