Disable crew lock once a plane has been spawned

Forcing players to play Air battles once the game mode has finished is a waste of their time and only serves to encourage player toxicity. Allow players to play Ground battles.

What does this even mean

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When an aircraft has been spawned on either team disable crew lock.

… why?


It doesn’t force people to play air battles. You are never forced to play something you don’t want. If you get a crew lock it’s your fault. Even after getting a crew lock you ARE NOT forced to play air battles.

GRB ceases to be focused on ground gameplay once planes are spawned.

SPAA in its current state assuming you have access to it can not be preventative against CAS.

Once planes are spawned GRB is no longer GRB it is ARB.

The game should not punish users for wanting to return to GRB.

  1. It’s mixed battles not ground battles.
  2. This is a blatant lie, I play perfectly fine when planes are spawned.

Yes it is, you just have to have good aim.

Not how that works, you still have the majority of players in ground vehicles.

They can play GRB if they want. That’s up to them, if they leave the game because they don’t want to deal with CAS, that’s on them. You will be punished for leaving a match when you can still fight, because you are a detriment for your team.

Yes people do want to play ARB the game should not punish users who do not wish to play ARB but would instead rather return to GRB.

I don’t understand this point. The game is still mainly focused on GROUND when planes are spawned. What don’t you understand about this.

Once planes are spawned the game mode is no longer Ground Realistic Battles.

Why are players forced to play a game mode they don’t want to play?

THEY AREN’T AND NEVER HAVE BEEN. YOU ARE NOT FORCED TO PLAY IN AN AIRCRAFT. YOU CAN PLAY IN A TANK. Are you going to ask gaijin to remove ground targets from ARB because it’s GRB?

Can you spawn SPAA in ARB?

You do not have a response so do not respond.

You can not spawn SPAA in ARB

You can spawn Planes in GRB

Once a plane is spawned in GRB crew lock should be disabled

For the last bloody time, air battles is air battles, ground battles is called MIXED BATTLES. The point was never tank only, it was always meant to be MIXED.

You haven’t provided one reason as to why this should happen.

Yes you can not spawn SPAA in Air Battles.

Once planes are spawned in GRB you should be able to leave without crew lock as the game mode is no longer GRB it is ARB.

You haven’t explained to me how GRB turns into ARB

Once planes are spawned ground loses focus as CAS demands a response.

No, no it doesn’t, the majority of players ignore CAS, and with good reason, there is no reason to remove crew lock because of planes, they don’t often change how the game ends.

The attention of the player is irrelevant to its presence in the mode.

You can ignore other planes in ARB and bomb bases this does not prevent them from shooting you down.