Did WT stealthly unfixed the SL economy sometime between new year and this update?

It feels like before that economy buff update which was the result of the huge community backlash.
I always burn out after Winter events and take a break for a few months (blame WT) and now I came back some weeks before the last update. Granted I played only airplanes in RB, still the SL rewards seem atrocious if I’m grinding to spade. Like they were before the economy buff. Did they stealth nerf the economy?


After its improvement there were no changes.

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No, the economy is the same.
You even admit you don’t know due to playing over half a year ago.

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The person may have run out of premium)

I don’t use prem, only some prem vehicles rarely.

Yeah, that’s why is a question.


Saw it the first time. Thanks anyway.

Still the takeoff landing bonus is gone…

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Research points continue to be given.
and earning lions and research points depends on the time you spent in battle (:

I remember somewhere a mentioning of people farming that by simply taking off and landing over and over for an entire EC match… (That’s said as a possible reason why it’s actually gone)

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Yeah it da same boi!

Yea that was terribly inefficient way to grind points. They added a timer where you wont get any new points for take off or landing to until after the timer was done and that seemed to fix that issue.

Thing is, as inefficient as it seemed/seems, people still tried it. ‘tHE GrINd iS TOo HArd!!’


Not if you just want vehicles that sit in Rank 1. You would have gotten bored and left ages ago as the grind is far too easy for them.

Why would they ever disclose these shadow Economy nerfs. Players would be on the fence.

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SL didn`t change, but RP maybe changed.
such as a tank with RP 214%, one kill = 99 RP, its nightmire

Since you play Air RB, this could be related to two changes:

  1. The severe damage mechanics. This mechanics lowered potential rewards. For example, combined rewards for killing one enemy was 100% + 67% kill score before the change. With the severe damage mechanics it was reduced to 80% + 40%. You can read more about the severe damage mechanics in this topic:
    Responding to the Severe Damage feedback & release time

  2. Silent removal of most critical hits on planes. The critical hit is worth 33% of the kill score, and often lead to an assist, so removing most of them had a huge impact on the rewards. You can read more about this silent nerf in these topics:
    Critical hits are broken as of 15th of February or nearby
    Critical hits in Air RB / broken & hard to get