Did the centurion mk avre just poof out of existence?

I’m sure it’s still in the game as a playable vehicle, but I just noticed that the AVRE isn’t in the British tech tree to purchase anymore and when I tried finding the pack online, it didn’t show up. Is this just a me thing or did the AVRE just disappear?


AVRE was removed from store after the New Years sale
You cannot get it anymore

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Was recent

Removed because it was being used almost exclusively by cheaters to HESH bomb with aimbots. I guess they weren’t making much money any more…
But don’t worry it will pop up again for “sale” (at an inflated “regular” price).

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I was planning to buy it some day…

As someone who owns the tank, it is inaccurate AF
the ranging of the tank is messed up even when the crew is aced (200 - 400m was shown as 600. everything below 200m your crew would yell out: “[insert tank name] range air!”)

the hesh shell could be bounced and wouldn’t destroy some open vehicles, yet overpressure heavy vehicles if missed.

there was a lot wrong with this tank, and they decided that its easier to be removed, than to be fixed

Try reading the whole post.

Lucky i got it :)

Try reading the whole post.

it was in response to the HESH bombing, but meh

It has returned and is here to stay but as a GE premium now

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Not for me, but yes. :)