Anniversary of the Founding of the Corps of Royal Engineers: The Centurion AVRE Returns!

On May 26th, 1716, George I established the British Army Corps of Engineers by decree, which in 1855 was named to the Corps of Royal Engineers. In 1832, the corps received the official motto: “Ubique”, which translates to “everywhere”, as they participated in all major conflicts of the British Army.

The Centurion Mk.5 AVRE is available for Golden Eagles and is here to stay!

This absolute unit of a tank is available for 8,200 Golden Eagles.

When: From May 24th (11:00 GMT).

Where: Great Britain > Army > Premium vehicles.

About this tank

  • The Centurion Mk.5 AVRE (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers) is distinguished by a dozer blade, mounts for transporting engineering equipment and trailers, and of course a destructive 165 mm gun with a devastating HESH round. This tank has a crew of 5, additional ROMOR-A ERA armor around the front and turret, and composite screens on at the sides, helping to make it more survivable than other Centurions.


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HESH is broken be warry since it will do no damage even when it should obliterate. It’s a meme vehicle that doesn’t always work.



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What do you mean? Give us clear screenshot example, please.

I wanna see where the problem lies, is it:

  • in the game
  • in the round modelization
  • in your laptop/PC/Console
  • in between the laptop/PC/Console and the chair
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For now, i can’t exclude any possibilities ^^"

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Its the Hesh Shells. They used to kill anything in Sight now they doesnt do anything. I mean 22kg of HE and a Medium Tank doesnt Even gets it Tracks damaged


Give me screenshots,… i can’t believe anyone without proofs, because from my understanding of the shell, it currently works normally.

And it’s not that hard to do → test run, HESH rounds, and screenshot button. ^^"

Be the perfect time to announce the Churchill AVRE (1945 L9) dev blog 😉

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He’s exaggerating for effect but he has a reason. Early on they removed the HE effect from HESH so you don’t get the explosion effect from all that tnt equivalent. And the angle improves effectiveness was also removed as well as multiple nerfs to post penetration damage. King tiger hull is almost immune to a one shot which is inaccurate and panther hulls are 50/50.


Still waiting screenshots,… most of the time people fires them like they would with AP rounds, and those rounds would have limited effect.

how about you try out any brittish large caliber HESH real quick, ey ?

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I’m at work right now, but i did tried some weeks ago, on FV4005 183mm and it was fine by how the shell should work.

Why do you those kind of shells were discontinued later on the years?

This are historical facts of the game. Go back and rear data mines over muple years of updates if you need confirmation. If it were realistic the armour thickness would have almost no effect only the armour type could reduce the spalling to some degree and spaced armour nullified it.


They are still in service today on the challenger 2’s and the reason Britain didn’t move to smotthbores until now.


Not worth the GE, people. HESH is hot garbage thanks to Gaijin ruining it.

If you really want a prem Cent, just get the Action X. APDS is also garbage but at least it’s not a total wash like HESH is…

I find every AVRE pretty cool, for some reason:)

Probably because stubby cannon swings it high and slow and it goes boom:P

Not even a decal, just “give me money”?

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so now that i got back home, i’ve did some trials for you:

Shots would be rated by:
“x” : useless
“-” : damage done without destroying any module
“o” : penetrated // module/track destroyed
“K” : tank destroyed

Trial by firing at of the target from frontal sector: Upper Front plate / Commander Cupola / Turret Ring junction / Gun Barrel / Tracks

Ru 251 (90mm BK90) [Target : T-44 / Range : 600m]:
o(Fuel+driver)/ K(Turret cleaned + ammo explosion)/ K(ammo explosion)/ x(nothing)/ - (track in red)

Centurion Mk10 (105mm L7A) [Target : T-55A / Range : 600m]:
o(Fuel on fire + Driver)/ -(Roof MG orange)/ K (4 Crew killed)/ x(nothing)/ -(Track in red)

Khalid (120mm L11A5) [Target : T-55A / Range : 600m]:
o(Fuel+driver)/ K(ammo explosion)/ K (4 Crew killed)/ x(nothing)/ - (track in red)

Churchill AVRE (165mm) [Target : T-55A / Range : 600m]:
K(Gas on fire + 4 crew killed)/ K(4crew killed + no engine)/ K(4crew+gun barrel+gun breach+ammo explosion)/ K(Shell hit on the side of gun= Gun barrel + 3crew + ammo explosion)/ K(Track+3 crew members)

FV4005 (183mm) [Target : Panther D / Range : 600m]:
o(Transmission)/ K(4crew + Side Ammo explosions)/ o (lateral turret drive)/ x(nothing: shell bounced of gun then turret)/ K(Track + 4crew)

Out of all shots from diverse gun size (and so diverse HESH abilities):
“x” : 1+1+1+0+1 = 4/25 = 16%
“-” : 1+2+1+0+0 = 4/25 = 16%
“o” : 1+1+1+0+2 = 5/25 = 20%
“K” : 2+1+2+5+2 = 12/25 = 48%

So after all those tests, i can say 100% sure, HESH works fine when you just give them a bit of love (by aiming “true”, which is somewhat hard, for some ennemy turret ring/Commander cupola’s)