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Hello, welcome to the suggestion for the Desert Warrior! This is an export variant of the Warrior IFV with a different turret that would make it an attractive upgrade over the basic Warrior both in War Thunder and real life. The 30mm RARDEN cannon has been removed and replaced with a fully stabilized 25mm M242 cannon, and instead of a pintle-mounted MILAN missile, two single-tube TOW launchers are placed on either side of the turret, with spare missiles able to be stowed in the hull. Currently, this version is only in service with Kuwait, but considering the origins of the chassis and the UK selling it to Kuwait, I think the UK would be a fair tree to place it in.



A Warrior IFV moves along a road during Exercise Reforger '85.

As the Warrior entered service in the late 1980s, the British company GKN Defence began working on an export variant of its new IFV to offer to customers in one of the more lucrative markets for military exports, the Middle East. Instead of simply offering the British Army’s Warrior variant, a specialized version for desert warfare was designed, using the Delco Systems Operations LAV-25 TOW turret. This version of the Warrior was arguably superior to its British counterpart, offering a fully stabilized 25mm M242 cannon, two ready-to-fire TOW missiles, and thermal imaging. Not only did the M242 have a faster fire rate than the 30mm RARDEN, but was also fed by a dual feed belt instead of clips. When the TOWs are not in active use, the launches are lowered flush with the side of the turret, and are raised to an elevated position by the gunner.

A scale model of the Desert Warrior.

To operate in a desert environment, the Desert Warrior went through about 27 changes compared to the British variant, notably including a combined air-conditioning and NBC filtration unit, as well as changes to the hull front and rear to keep dust plumes as low as possible, even at higher speeds. The vehicle is also designed to keep its crew able to fight and survive for 48 hours without leaving the vehicle, capable of carrying enough combat supplies, as well as 7 infantry dismounts, who leave through the rear doors.

A Desert Warrior in service with Kuwait, late 1990s.

In the very early 1990s, one nation in particular expressed its interest in GKN’s modified Desert Warrior, Kuwait. Following extensive trials against the FMC Corporation M2 Bradley, the Kuwaiti Land Forces ultimately chose the Desert Warrior in late 1992. An order of 250 Desert Warriors was confirmed by GKN Defence in 1993 in a 500 million Euro deal, with the first vehicles entering service in 1995. They are still in service with the Kuwaiti Land Forces as of 2023, over 200 are still in active use.

A Desert Warrior from the 9th Battalion, 35th Brigade, Kuwaiti Land Forces crosses a bridge during a security cooperation exercise, February 19th, 2014.



Crew: 3
Weight: 25t
Length: 6.34 m
Width: 3.03 m
Height: 2.7 m
Main armament: 25mm M242 (210 rounds ready to fire) & 2× TOW missiles ready-to-fire
Main armament elevation: -8° / +60°
Secondary armament: 7.62mm M240 machine gun
Engine: Perkins CV-8 Diesel engine, 550 hp
Maximum speed: 75 km/h on-road, 50 km/h off-road
Maximum range: 660 km






Considering the incredibly mediocre performance of the regular Warrior IFV, this is a must-have. Not only that, but Britain doesn’t have many options for IFVs, so this is great in that sense as well. +1 for the tech tree.

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Idk if this is true but im pretty sure it should have gen 2 thermals aswell

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We kinda do, They Have been ignored for years:

This post alone Shows how many version we Could have, however we haven’t gotten a new light tank in years despite it being the UK biggest weakest. Then people wonder why some nations stomp over others.


Its also funny how the Warrior can get an APFSDS round aswell…


Heh, I made a suggestion for this on the old forum but it wasn’t copied over.

The 1995-spec Desert Warrior uses the M2A2 Bradley turret, but iirc Kuwait modernized theirs in 2009. Either way it’s a big step up over the British original.


I’d love to see this as a 9.7 or 10.0 squadron vehicle. With it being an export vehicle it’d be perfect there, and Britain really needs a high but not top tier squadron tank. Then the Stormer 30 can be the Tech Tree IFV of around the same BR.

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Producing a list of obscure prototypes, most of which are not IFVs, does not refute his point.

You are also flat out wrong, a light tank was literally added to the British tree last update (La Royale). The South African line added several at once in 2021.

This is true but I think most people are presuming that light tank equates to IFV (because that’s what Britain needs).

I still find it curious that things like the Rooikat, WMA, Stryker and others are classified as light tanks, and not tank destroyers. But then again i’m sure it’s probably down to the fire support argument.

It’s actually a modified version of the LAV-25 turret, not a Bradley one. Very similar but a bit less armoured.

I think this would be really good as a squadron vehicle for the UK while the Warrior DRV sits in the main tree. This would give players who haven’t gone all the way down the IFV/missile carrier line a chance to get a good IFV for the 9.3 range while those who have gotten up to the ZT3 Ratel would be able to research a slightly better variant.


That’s another good idea, it keeps a foreign variant out of the main tree such as is the case of things like the Syrian vehicles in the USSR tree, but also allows it to still be used in the lineup

I agree that britian got alot of “light tanks” but what he meant was more of just ifvs. All of the light tanks added were just wheeled vehicles which are in their own category but war thunder just makes stuff that shouldn’t be complicated, and make it complicated. Much like how with what I do in the marine corps.