Delaying/Halting Updates to fix core issues

Halt/Delay works on future updates to work on improving/fixing existing vehicles and balancing issues
  • Yes
  • No

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What issues do we have atm that would warrant a complete halt of production?

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Let’s see…air map sizes, radar rework, FM issues for jets, modern ground vehicles lack of research in general, BR in general, balancing issues, overpressure fine tuning, bugs and reports piling up in their community website

a lot

edit: that’s also remembering that AMRAAMs are slated to come next year, which map sizes are going to be an extremely important issue


Gaijin might have bitten of more than they can chew and should get their staff recruitment in line with the size of the scope for their production

That doesn’t get the kiddies to bug their moms for the credit card so not gonna happen.

A lot of people have asked for this many times in the past but it’s obvious that it will never happen, it doesn’t make sense from a financial prespective.

And all the ppl that don’t use forums and plebbit complain to gaijin when they don’t get their AMRAAMS in a 10x10km map or their M1A420 SEPv69 with Depleted Copium Hull Armour and T-14 for balance in the next patch

Hype train has no brakes.

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So i guess we need to do this again

Or just do a major update that was only fixing old stuff. Finishing the Tornados would add so much content to them it would be akin to adding a new aircraft.

aim-120’s are not going to cause any issues as all you have to do is fly low to the ground

Don’t forget about the Fire&Forget missiles
They are neither realistic nor good to use in game now

Thing is tho… each and every single update has fixes already…

And there is just no point having a content patch that is just fixes, since fixes are already a major / integral part of content patches as it is…

You can read all of the fixes and suggestions added each content update in the patch notes