Decrease br T-80UK

The T-80UK is not even worth calling 11.3 because now facing 11.7 tanks like Leopard 2A7, STRV-122 and T-90M which the penetration don’t pen anyting up front against these tanks at all. The T-80UK should br 11.0 instead 11.3.

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As long as kontakt-5 covered parts still protect against every round it is fine at 11.3.



Decrease its BR to 11.0 but with this, decrease BRs of every 10.0 that will be stomped by this tank and would also make T-80UK facing constant upttiers to 11.7 no matter what. Fair enough? Beside this, definitely a skill issue.

Yet another BR compression issue.
I think 80UK is closer in performance to M1A1 than to AIM, but we lack BRs to show those fine differences.


Dude, you’ve got 1700 battles so I guess you’re not too familiar with the top tier! Where your armor gets shot through, you can shoot through theirs! " Skill Issue"


Ive been using it for a bit definitely a good tank yeah it doesn’t do as well in up tier but thats the same with almost anything

I think 10.3 is fair

Skill issue. The T-80UK is very good at 11.3 and is perfectly serviceable in uptiers.


By reducing the BR from 11.3 to 10.3

It doesn’t need to be 10.3
11.3 is fine

If 11.3 was fine OP would not have made a thread about it

Nothing else to said except point out skill issue.

How about stfu instead noob. If you want stats I have 23k battles in WoT before i switch to WT. Mayby you should think twice before calling people like this.

They are not the same

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Still skill issue, 11.3 is fine, maybe we will see whole tank VIII moving .3 up in the future so is no need to compress BRs more with tanks that perform decent in their bracket. Man with 1700 battles and stats that suggests he is new to WT got his way to top tier with golden eagles and raging about T-80UK. Typical player that gaijin allowed to buy squadron or high tier premiums just in the sake of money.


You play Germany as top tier main so you critize people for nothing.

You can’t be taken seriously, players like you shouldn’t be in the top tier!

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Lul I have top tier USA, Germany and my first main was Russia when T-64A was added.