DCS Style matches

My friend had an idea to improve high tier Air RB maps in a DCS style game. Say, a large EC map with more focus on teamwork and different types of combat. Higher rewards for taking out ground convoys or battles, but they are protected by better SPAA/SAMs. And better base bombing mechanics, etc. Multiple airfields to spawn, multiple ways to play.

You could:
-Go head to head combat with fighters
-SEAD mission to destroy SPAA (Buff the SAMs for a real challenge though)
-Heavier ground attack after SEAD
-Escort attackers/Bombers
-Bomb bases/targets

I still think this would go better along side Air RB and not as a replacement, I think ARB is a better fast paced A2A gameplay option, but this kind of EC match could give higher rewards.


We’ve been begging Gaijin for a proper Air RB EC mode for years to no avail. Hopefully they listen because high tier Air RB is busted right now with this 16 vs 16 no respawn meta.

Might as well just play Air AB at this point.


At least in Air RB you dont get radar missiles spammed as soon as you spawn.

The air game is so far removed from anything any new player could envisage its ridiculous. If somebody had of shown me AIR RB before I signed up to War Thunder I never would have tried War Thunder. Mixed nations in a free for all like kids playing with toy airplanes.

I envisaged Teams of B17s being defended by P51 and attacked by a squadron of Me 109s or something. An online game for the 21st century not the turgid kids game we have as GRB with Zeros vs Israeli or Italian planes or whatever. WT is more like an airshow than a wargame.

Nobody seems to want to play bombers in ARB ,only thing you could do is escort Bot bombers to a target and defend then while the other team tried to shoot them down. Might work with a whole city or giant factory as a target. Like the Stalingrad training map.

Whole thing probably wants redoing from scratch.They can’t make it work for WW2, Best of luck trying to get ARB to work in a modern age.


what you want is basically Air Sim with RB controls… so here is my question… why not try sim?

i really dont want to sound rude or anything like that i just want to know what keeps you away from sim…

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Mouse Joystick sucks and trying to see out of the cockpit without head tracking or something like that also sucks

Sometimes I still play just to BVR in an F4E or something but the second I try to dogfight I want to die

(Also the way BRs work in sim is atrocious you either get perma-downtier or perma-uptier)


understandable… but say…gaijin would copy Air sim 1:1 and just give it RB controls… would that satisfy you? because thats something a lot… and i mean a LOT of players want at the moment… and i really dont get it why gaijin cant or refuses to implement something like this


Yeah pretty much, I don’t like the spotting system, I love how Sim feels to play, yeah


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sadly we cant really do anything more than wait till gaijin develops something like this or buy a bit of equipment for sim… and for your tracking issue as far as i know there are a lot of easy face-capture apps on the internet that are free or a cheap alternative to TrackIR

but on a sidenote… this topic here is the 10th or so topic i have seen in the last 2 weeks asking for Air RB EC… its really incomprehensible why gaijin does nothing… it gets requested for years now…

i can only guess what the problem might be… the server infrastructure? the lack of resources in terms of development?
it definetly cant be the lack of interrest or demand from the playerbase


Yes, we need a gamemode adapted to modern jet fighters. The current gamemode was designed years ago for WW2 planes, it makes absolutely no sense to keep it as it is.


the fact that its sim. if i wanted that i would play DCS, but i want the realistic mode easy controls and UI of war thunder

Its a money problem

Add new jet → People GE new jet → $$$

Improve AIR RB → People might? spend money on… something? → ???

Hopefully the coming storm of SU-27 R27ER spam forces the issue

Oh, and I forgot about ‘Muh Queue Times’

possible. but seeing how the AIM-54 spam didnt really force any issue to be fixed i dont know

i dont think thats its a money problem… at least if they keep the Sim economy in this mode… repaircosts are high and SL are hard to earn… you have to play a long time to balance it out… but with a Premium account you dont pay any repaircosts so that would be a money source for gaijin and besides that if you want to grind you can grind better in sim with a additional Premium vehicle

and queue times are not an issue either… like Sim there are playercreated lobbys that you can join at any time and leave at any time…

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AIM-54s at least had disadvantages. They’re slow as balls, they can’t pull, etc.

Compared to the rest of the pack, R27ERs just… don’t have any disadvantages at all now.


Sim brackets are the best thing that’s happened to this game. Wait for the proper bracket, and any plane can be top dog. Sim is the only mode where you can choose to avoid uptiers.

The BR brackets rotate every two days.

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Isn’t this just sim?

(The mode objectives not sim controls)


Not really, SIM matches are less complex in the multirole compartment and only really hit the multiple airfields. Plus, we dont want sim controls

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I do this in sim…


Nobody is saying sim isnt good. This is about Air Realistic though. Not sim. Sim is not for the VAST majority of players.

I understand there is a hardcore Sim community in War Thunder that love the mode and none of us want to take that away but,

You cannot just tell Realistic players to “play sim” and it’ll be fine.

No. It’s not the same whatsoever. It’s a VERY different style of playing and this post and others like it focus on Air Realistic because Air Realistic is currently broken.

This is why this post is in the “Realistic” section of the forum and not the Sim section.

We’re not trying to take anything away from Sim. We just want more strategy for Air RB.