Crew Training EXP - Ridiculously Low

Thx for providing the information to me.

“but this higher rate also has the crew experience spread out among multiple available crews”

I find this explanation of why there is more XP in the Arcade a bit strange.
In GRB I also usually have a lineup of 5 crews, although I usually only need one or two vehicles for a match.
Where is the logic in that?

Are you getting experience points?

I don’t quite understand what the question is about. As far as I know so far, I get a percentage of Crew XP for the RP in the match. Help me understand your question better.

Can you show me an example where ace is granted for RP but crew skill not obtained?

Edit: Seems that Oldie-SE can provide an example.

Here you go.

It makes perfect sense for air but not much for ground.

Careful: The conversion rating is higher in arcade. You per hour XP income depends also on your RP income. That however usually is higher in air realistic. Dunno about ground.

sure… but… it shouldnt impair it that after 5,000 hours i am nowhere near max crew level… Hell after 2,000 hours of play time, i should be pretty close to maxed out.

if by Interesting you mean… stupid… then i agree.

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Do I understand correctly that the Ace status is granted even if I have not yet reached crew lvl 50, for example?
I had put extra points on other areas for my M41A3 to reach the crew lvl for the Ace status.
I could still try this out on my A6M2 as I am still short of lvl 35.

You can buy (of course) down the level requirement for Ace.

This is about the claim that it only matters when buying ace with GE. (made above if you read this thread)

I am not sure that is true and had hoped that Oldie could provide an example as he mentioned it. I have yet to see it.

Did Moses drop that commandment on his way down?

Yes, once you have an expert crew you can get it to ace with enough experience, regardless of your crew level.

But I don’t think the experience “count” starts until you make that “expert” down payment…
Another Gaijin Gotcha that doesn’t make sense.

no, but he should have.

Can you prove this? Do you have a screenshot that demonstrates it?

Is it a glich? I ask because I can can only get medals awarded by getting the targets precisely and other just need to get a few and they get awarded them.
I still see this happening so presumed its a bug not an update as others suggested.
Could you and others have the same issue?

I agree. The crew grind is extremely slow. I know they make money by using GE to get a quick injection of crew skill but come on. They could still make money if they gave it a boost in xp to 70 crew xp per 1000. I have to admit ive spent GE on almost all of my crew especially starting a new tech tree because its the main thing hurting you starting a new tree. The one nice thing with crew xp is if you max out ground, air or sea crew xp you continue to get crew xp and can be used to increase the other crew stats for that slot.

You don’t have to max it out for that.

These two are rank III vehicles, which going by other rank 3 for Sweden should be level 35 to have Ace.


I played these two lots (in AirRB) as:
. The B18B was my go-to Bomber for “destroy bases” task (especially back when it could often destroy 2 bases)
. The T18B (57) is my go-to vehicle for “destroy bomber” tasks.