Crew Training EXP - Ridiculously Low

I have over 5,000 hours in the game… and i just googled the max level for crew… which is 150 (for tanks)… and the highest i have is level 45…

How is this acceptable? (mostly Rhetorical, since its Beyond absurd and Not acceptable).

Full Disclosure, i do play ALL nations (of tanks) so yeah, i can see that slowing things down… but the levels are still Way too low for the amount i have played… It makes Zero sense. Every research factor in this game is… awful. Research points for tanks, RP for crew… Everything.

I should have near max level or 100+ is basically all of my slots… it should NOT be anywhere near this difficult or expensive/time consuming to reach even Max level of crew slots (as well as research all vehicles)


Tank xp needs to be increased dramatically. (Or remove the system entirely)
I can easily grind a plane crew to a top tier ace upgrade requirement level within 48 hours, meanwhile tanks take years lmfao


There is no way you only have a crew at level 36 with 5k hours. I’ve got multiple maxed air crewsnalong with halfway maxed tank/naval crews and I’m further along than you in minor nations, let alone the big 3. No idea how you aren’t above lv 36 in a crew, but it has to be operator error.

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i completely agree. You should be able to unlock All tanks, in All nations, after about 2,000 hours of game play… maybe even less.

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How can i not be getting experience with having that many hours in the game? There is no way for it to be Operator Error. The crew training exp gained is just incredibly low

Are you actively assigning the points? They don’t automatically get used. There is no possible way, statistically, that you’ve gotten that little crew experience. It is 1 crew point per 100 rp earned, and you seem like you’ve earned a decent bit of RP over the years. I can look and do more math on it when I get to my PC and can see your vehicle gains in RP to calculate some.


kk lemme know math wizz

I mean, you could check on your account if you have points sitting there doing nothing. That seems the most likely case. If I remember right, it’ll show a gold star on the crew areanif you can spend large amounts of crew exp on that slot.

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yeah , i did… but i used them all, and it only got me up to level 39… still abysmally low.

Not only do tank requires require double the crew xp to be maxed, but air rb players, on average, earn much more rp per hour than players in ground rb. This is usually due to lower modifiers for ground vehicles, since th matches are longer and larger with more enemies to kill.

Two solutions;
1: one spawn in ground rb, add a mixed mode for all three vehicle types. This way you can earn more rp per kill.
2: half the crew xp requirements per crew level upgrade. It has double the max amount needed, yet if I remember correctly, it seems even more than the total crew xp points needed for air crews.

How many crews are you spreading that XP over?

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ah, that is another valid point… i have max crew slots, for most nations… Still tho… im at 5 Thousand hours… Crew training costs/exp gained need to be increased by like… 100 times as much.

Crew skills are just another PTW mechanic and part of the ponzi-style progression “model” of the game. It gives incumbent players an advantage and lets them club… I mean gain more “user engagement” at the expense of newer players and incentivizes them to break down and buy skill boosts too.

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i mean… sure… but i should still have near max level crew level, for Most of my slots… but im not anywhere close… which makes Zero sense.

Can we not always go to “must be a skill issue” right away on this forum?

Just look at the player records:
Drakunite has
264 Air AB games
743 Air RB games
5510 Ground AB games
23754 Ground RB games

split over 9 research trees (counting any tree with 20 or more spaded vehicles)

Laserdestroy has
1398 Air AB
5946 Air RB
1728 Ground AB
4039 Ground RB

split over 4 trees (by the same measure)

The most important factor in crew skills questions is ground RB games earn crew skills at 1/3 the rate of Ground AB, on top of RP modifiers. (So do Air RB games but because it’s all on one plane it doesn’t matter the same way, making Ground RB by far the worst of any modes to accrue crew experience.) So if you count games played with the ground RB games weighted down appropriate to their value for crew skills purposes, you get

1603 games per tree for Drakunite and
2604 games per tree for Laserdestroy. So yeah, given those stats, @Drakunite is going to be at around 60% of the skill progression of @Laserdestroy, assuming they’re working the same number of crew slots per nation.

Drakunite, just play more ground AB, you’ll find the problem solves itself pretty fast.


Crew skills should be earned much faster. I’m at 8.0 in the Swedish tree, and only 2 of my crews are above level 30.

They could also be considered pay to win due to the fact you can purchase something that gives you a huge advantage over other players.


i appreciate the response and defense.

i also… appreciate the advice… but i really do not like AB… and Strongly prefer RB (as you can clearly see). The fix/solution Should be for gaijin to increase the rewards/exp gain for RB, and greatly increase or reduce the cost to gain levels.

Why is that even a thing? why Nerf RB so much that you get a Third of the exp… Id argue that is should be the opposite… but it should be the same for AB as it is for RB (or in favor of RB, imo)… makes no sense… at all.

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yup, strongly agree. Crew skill exp and RP gain should be increased by about 10 times as much, arguably more.

I have 1200 hours, and three tanks with 75+ crew, and my aircraft main slot almost maxed out completely. I don’t think it’s low, it just takes time, but would be better if it didn’t. As for expert and expert+ crews, that’s a different story, and costs SL on top of the RP gained while using the plane to obtain for free.

Oh and there is also that XP only gets you to 50% to “fully skilled”. The rest you’ve to to… wait for it, PAY! For expert and and ace modifiers.