Crew Training EXP - Ridiculously Low

You can buy Expert with SL and Ace with either GE or RP

Wait… arcade gives triple the rp of rb? Wtf…

yeah… ive known it gives more… i didnt think it was That much tho… Its retarded either way tho… like… why? makes Zero sense… They should either give the same, or RB should give more…

No, it gives triple the crewXP than RB for the same amount of RP earned.

For air, it is obvious: In Realistic, you only need one crew, in Arcade, you will need complete lineups. So differentiating in air seems right. Especially when you see the relative air incomes in RB and AB.

But with realistic ground (or navy), it really makes no sense. You do need several crews. Perhaps realistic was at first planned without respawn too?

Personally, I belive the reason to be another one: Tank RB players are often “snobbish, very eager and overly competitive”. They are the kind of people who think they MUST HAVE more crew skill. So they are the ones most easily made to pay.

The easy way around it to understand that crew skill is not mode specific. You can earn crew skill in a ship and spend it on tank skills. Also, using talismaned vehicles doubles the crew skill income, so does premium. It also helps to realize that “expert” works like a tank crew with about LVL 90.

ngl, I always forget to spend crew skill points. I should see where I am sitting crew skill wise. I know I have at least a couple maxed crews. Of course my Chinese, Italy, and Israel crews are lacking.

If the rp to crew point is not the same between air, ground, and naval, it should be changed to be the same. Especially considering that you can effectively ignore a whole page for planes.

The differentiation is not by vehicle type but by mode (RB/AB).

While it is true that as Israeli player, you are best advised to not spend any crew skill on gunners, you have to look at the cost of the skill too. The gunner page is by far cheaper to buy than the pilot page. It is mainly fluff.

Ultimately, you will need to obtain gunner crew skill, as the higher qualifications (ace) will require crew levels above 45, which is the max without gunners.

Thats mighty pretentious on your part.

You are going to be hard pressed to find people here claiming that “AB is the superior mode while only children play RB”. ;-)

E Leave Arcade alone, ask for more crew experience but not for the rest to have less.

What a nightmare of a forum.

I am an adult and I play Arcade.

Why are you all so traumatized with Arcade ?

Let everyone play what they want.

I am not.

It’s almost like playing multiple nations impairs your ability to level crews of a specific nation.

This is just for purchasing the Ace qualification. If you earn it through RP gain you will have the Ace bonuses even if you don’t meet the level requirements.

There are times when crew development takes far too long for me. Without the right crews, I avoid certain BR levels.
Even with premium and premium vehicles …
I have 250 laps on the M41A3 and the crew is only lvl 53
After 200 rounds I had an Ace crew …
Is it actually true that you get one crew point per 100RP in GRB and 3 points per 100RP in Arcade?

I’m getting crew skills for the games I play. I just play a few games on a particular nation and vehicles and I am getting them. Not sure why the OP is not. Are free crew skills enhanced for premium though?

I have 5000 battles and all my 5 crews have maxed out targeting, reload and commander (the actually important skills). My highest level crew is level 53 with 8,000 undistributed points because there is nothing good to spend them on.

This page Research Points - War Thunder Wiki states this:

Crew Experience Points are calculated based on research points for the different battle modes as follows:

    In Arcade battles - 30 experience points for 1,000 RP
    In Realistic battles - 11.3 experience points for 1,000 RP
    In Simulator battles - 9 experience points for 1,000 RP

This page Crew skills - War Thunder Wiki states this:

Crew experience is gained in the form of "Crew XP Points", earned by participating in battles. 
The number of points accrued for crew experience depends on the research points Rp obtained in a battle, as well as the game mode of the battle.
In Realistic and Simulator battles, for every 100 Rp the player will receive 1 crew XP point which can be distributed to the crew of the vehicle used in that battle.
In Arcade battles, every 100 Rp will grant the player 3 crew XP points, but this higher rate also has the crew experience spread out among multiple available crews.

A slight difference between the two descriptions for Realistic and Sim , but basically the 3xp for 100rp in Arcade and 1xp for 100rp in Realistic/Sim.

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seems like people don’t assign crew skills where they are needed then complain about it.

Another factor with tank crews is that things like Field Repair are the average over the five crew. So to increase it by 1 point you need to increase all 5 by 1 point…

It’s interesting that Crew Points can be earned quicker in Arcade Battles than Realistic or even Sim.