Crew Locks shouldn't apply to wing ripping

Playing a new jet that you don’t know the limits of is frustrating because crew locks still apply even when you just wing rip. I think for this specific interaction, crew lock should be disabled. It’s just not very fun to learn a new jet and wait 5 minutes everytime you accidentally do that.


The game can’t tell why (intent or context) of why an aircraft or vehicle was destroyed within X time or Y distance from enemy activity etc. etc.
Think of it as an opportunity to go touch grass for a bit.

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They should make it able to, the game knows that you wing ripped so simply make it where wing rip = remove present crew lock


But the game can’t tell that you did it by accident, or if you intentionally dove past Vne to deny another player a kill. Its programmatically very difficult if not impossible to do.


Crew lock in general is an outdated, trash mechanic that needs to be removed. It serves no purpose.


It doesn’t have to? nobody wing rips on purpose

non-existent problem

no? detect wing rip → remove crew lock

Just learn to pull neg G

Not relevant to the thread

You don’t. I don’t. But I have had enemies blatantly do it or fly into terrain while I was stalking them.

Wing ripping caused by over G or overspeed is literally a skill issue.
Why don’t try avoid it and complain to forum?

Quite a lot of people do, I’ve found that F-4Cs do it the most to deny a kill.

Mom said it’s my turn on the denialism!

Don’t rip your wings to begin with and it isn’t a problem.

No, extremely rare thing that isn’t a real issue.

You’re just baiting for attention. I won’t reply going forward to you.Go touch grass. (Crew locks are a bad thing in general but extremely dumb for wing ripping which is what you do when you’re LEARNING the jet.)

No, you’re finding ppl who do stupid turns and rip. Almost nobody does this on purpose. It also happens about 10000x more often on accident.

You’re also here seeking attention… find it elsewhere, I won’t give you another response.

Chronically online users read this, the point of this thread is to point out that most wing rips are accidental, and it’s extremely dumb to punish players for accidents that don’t even affect other players.

Yeah, then there are times where wings rip randomly, like the F-15 and the BAZ. Notable ones are the A32 and J32 for Sweden, if you turn just a bit too fast, it will rip easy.

Crew lock shouldn’t be a thing full stop

You’ll never get better if you blame the game for your mistakes.


It is not. In fact I’m telling you that there is a solution to this problem as talking around.

At least you can find out how many G’s or speeds you can rips wing because the game has a good feature that called “Test Flight”.

Cope L


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The game doesn’t know, so it just always assumes the worst of the player and punishes them in either case, wonderful game design.