Could we fix the punishment for kamakazi kill?

I’m tired of getting punished for other people crashing into while they get the kill for me

again and again, i have air battles where people rush in a straight line from the sides or something and i turn towards them and shoot and get crit or severe damage on them only to be denied the kill after the enemy crashes into me and they get my kill for some reason


The blaming players for collision system is just badly designed, but unfortunately the devs don’t care to improve this kind of things in the game.

They added this system to punish players, and the system definitely punishes players. It doesn’t matter it often punishes specific players in situations that don’t make sense.

Just to show what we are talking about here, that’s a completely ridiculous example of this system:

This guy didn’t hit me at all with his guns, and he got a full kill credit with a destruction score + a critical hit score + damage score + severe damage score, all of them from just that collision!
I hit him with my guns, but only got the damage score and the death score, because the system decided this collision was my fault. How ridiculous is this?

To be honest, I never saw collisions as a big problem, even before the devs added this silly system that usually blames just one player for the collision.

I understand some players could ‘abuse’ this, collide on purpose and get a kill, when they were e.g. out of ammo. But like I said, I never saw this as a big problem. After all, killing someone in a collision is still a kill. But I understand why many players didn’t like this and wanted to change this. Of course Gaijin “fixed” this problem in their usual way and made it much bigger problem than it used to be. But that’s what you can expect from Gaijin.

If someone expected Gaijin to fix forced collisions in a way that makes sense, then they were naive. And now we have to live with this broken collision system that randomly blames players and denies their kill scores and rewards.


The “system” is deciding nothing regarding “fault” - aircraft collisions follow for years the same rules:

  1. Two pilots (undamaged before) meet each other for a headon, both miss every shot and collide / explode = no kill for both parties.
  2. Same situation, but just one pilot scores hits = the guy without scoring any hits gets the kill - the other one just “crashes”.
  3. Same situation - both score hits, the guy with less hits gets the kill.
  4. Two friendlies collide (= ramming) - the ramming victim gets rewarded with a team kill if the rammer crashes - whilst the ramming victim just “crashes” if he can’t recover from the ramming attack. If the rammer manages to glide back to his airfield, he can repair and do it again.

Regarding 2 and 3 you see from time to time variations - so if somenody outside the 2 colliding parties scored previously a crit on one of them you sometimes get an assist and sometimes nothing.

I follow this topic for years now - you might find this post (and the following in the same thread) interesting:

Imho the main problem is that gaijin is ignoring these collision issues - either they don’t care or they are unable (technically) or unwilling (financial effort) to fix this.

Team killing by ramming (and blaming the ramming victim as team killer) is a clear proof that their game engine is unable to distinguish and determine cause and reaction; the effects of colliding enemies is indeed a joke.

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Maybe my memory is wrong, but I was pretty sure that when I started playing the game I always got credited with a kill after a collision, and I collided a lot back then (usually during head-ons), as a new player. Maybe I was just so bad at aiming that I simply couldn’t hit anyone, but they were hitting me ;).

Do you understand the reason why a person who hit someone with the guns before the collision is not credited with a kill? Shouldn’t it be like the opposite? What’s the logic behind this? Because with this system it’s better to just collide with someone without shooting at him than trying to shoot him, which makes no sense to me.

This would be example #3 :-)

No idea. Your last conclusion seems to be correct.

As i avoid headons at all cost (i use HOTAS with severe disadvantage vs mouse aimers) i am usually not affected - imho i collide either due to plain stupid maneuvers of BnZ targets or due to own stupidity.

But the damage allocation itself has severe flaws you usually just realize when you analyse replays. The in-game battle log (kill allocation) and the replay battle log show more than often deviations.

So if you damage a plane (no crit, no severe damage) and this guy crashes untouched by anybody else 5 minutes later you see quite often the phenomenon that the battle log in the replay credits you with a kill, but the kill (and the kill score) is like during the live match: not added to the score board.

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