Community input on KV-1 ZIS-5

I’m going to be honest, this tank is pretty bad for it’s current BR. It’s not a tank that I’ve ever had problems facing against, and to be quite frank, it’s simply not fun to play at it’s BR. I play every nation, and although each nation has tanks that feel underwhelming, this tank takes the cake.

To compare it to another heavy at the same BR, the Churchill MK VII, its armor is significantly worse, the turret traverse is worse, the gun is slightly better, but with a significantly worse reload rate. The KV-1 Zis 5 is faster, but tbh I’m not looking for speed in a heavy tank, not at the cost of armor at least. Idk, this tank feels terrible to play, what would the community think of removing the APCR to put it at 4.3?


Its gun is absolute garbage for 4.7 and the armor is the same as KV-1E at 4.0, it should be 4.3 at the very least.

I agree the gun is terrible for the BR, but tbh everything about this tank is better than the KV-1E. The KV-1 ZIS-5 has better armor on its turret (Yes the stat card on the KV-1E states 100mm, but there are areas that are only 75mm where the applique armor does not cover) and the gun is strictly better than the KV-1E, thus I believe 4.3 would be fine. I would be fine losing out on the APCR ammo as well to make this happen.

Honestly, another way to go about this would be to re-model it as the KV-1 1942 variant w/ 130 mm of armor, as well as the sloped turret sides (Similar to the KV-220). It could keep its current gun/ammo and stay at 4.7 this way.

It was very good at 4.3, and the KV-1E is very undertiered. Moving it to 4.0 would be stupid.

It shouldn’t be facing 3.3, but it also shouldn’t face 5.7.

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Uh, no. It is fine where it is. Should probably even be uptiered but I’ll let that lie for now.

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yeah 96 mm pen is probably too much for 4.7, along with 4.0 armor, i completely agree. Should have been 6.0

The armour is not 4.0 worthy. The tank you are comparing it too should be 4.7 aswell.

The KV-1 ZIS-5 was a very good tank at 4.3.

KV-1E with literally %95 identical armor is at 4.0 with only 10 mm less penetration

More and more tanks get higher BR and this makes every armor more and more obsolete which leads to more passive gameplay by unsure players and very agressive gameplay by those who know how to play.
I got used to no armor because I love to play light tanks and suck at heavy tanks.
I would love to see more balance so that armor doesn count a bit more. It is a thin line but doable.

Nah, I just played it a couple of matches. Mostly uptiers.

Perfectly fine machine. You just stay at range and hit some unsuspected people in the side.
When you can’t pen, you throw some smoke in their face and retreat using your armor that isn’t easily penetrated.

Just didn’t get a single win. No clue why. Even when it looks like we have the upper hand, suddendly everyone dies and we get overrun.
The other match ended in like 5 minutes because my team failed to capture any cap.
I was just going to when a plane droped a 250kg bomb on me.


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The KV-1E should be 4.3.


2023-11-21 17_37_49-Window

In a world where the prototype Panther with 200 mm pen is 5.0 and panther D is 5.3 your argument is literally invalid my dude. If you wanna flank you have T-34-57 with better gun and mobility.
You have american shermans with much better gun , a 50 cal , better turret armor and a stabilizer.
Just flank in your obsolete heavy tank with a 3.3 gun bro.

Tiger does not even need to angle to bounce this garbage gun. The gun is so trash the side armor of tiger 1 will bounce it at 500 meters if he is like 10* angled.

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One is a medium tank with great mobility and an amazing gun only 0.3 higher. The other is supposed to be a heavy tank.

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Oh no, a heavy tank can’t get penetrated by another heavy tank 1 BR below it.
Never seen before :O

Shermans are 5.0, 5.3 and 5.7. Except the Firefly which is 4.7.

Last time I checked a Panther still dies when hit in the side by a 76mm and they won’t swing their turret around at 20°/s.
And having Germany on our side didn’t help our team from losing every match.

The 57mm has good penetration and velocity but it lacks post-pen damage. Almost every penetration with a 76mm is a one shot kill.
I even take the round with less pen because the higher post-pen damage makes it the superior round.

In 90% of the time when the BR-350A doesn’t pen, the BR-350B would fail as well.

Again, show me a 0.3 higher medium tank that is unable to penetrate a heavy tank?
The VK and Panther are all armor and gun, they have crap traverse and reverse, meaning they completely suck at putting their gun on target.

Notice how the T-34-85 is 5.3 with its overtiered gun and chasis, just like KV-1 ZIS. The other T-34-85 sits at 5.7 because… it gets useless APCR. At least it has mobility for flanking.

The roof weakspot is 1 pixel wide, it isnt as easy to shoot as shown in the picture.

Put 1 bush on mg port and its golden.

That is how i use my crocodile anyways, its better than the KV-1 ZIS will ever be at the same BR

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It’s good at being a bullet sponge. Nothing more.

The gun is as good as KV-1 ZIS, just need to aim properly to kill because no he fill.

I had matches where I bounced 40-50 shots and managed to survive in Churchill 7. İt really is a great tank especially in downtiers or partial uptiers. You can just sit and shoot people in cap zone with faster repair from cap zone.

But a PZ IV from 3.3 will pen the mighty 4.7 KV-1 ZİS

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The gun is complete garbage. The penetration is irrelevant because how little damage you do.
You pen someone in with the 76mm and they are dead, you pen someone with 75mm solid shot and you knock out 1 or 2 crews, if you’re lucky.

It’s a lot more helpful for you’re team to knock out tanks instead tickling them to death.

If the Churchill Mk VII is so great because it has good armor then the KV-1 ZIS-5 is also fine because the armor is good enough and the round will actually knock out a target.

You’re also forgetting the fact that the Churchill is as slow as a snail so the chance of getting into a position to hit anyone in the side is just as low as knocking out a target from 500m with one shot.

And? That has like zero relevance when the KV-1 ZIS-5 will win agains the Pz IV 9 out of 10 times.

So should the Puma be 5.7 because it can kill a IS-2 from the side?
Tank BRs are based on efficency and not some specific propertiers that makes them good in one situation or the other.

The KV-1 ZIS-5 is 4.7 because it has good armor and mobilty and the gun actually blow things up.
The Churchill Mk VII is 4.7 because the gun is so bad that it needs to have a low BR despite the fact that it has more armor than a Tiger or IS-1.

Pz IV kills from front though, unlike puma

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And the Pz IV gets killed by a 2.0 TD from the front, so what? It will also get killed by every other vehicle that the KV-1 ZIS-5 sees, including SPAA.