Community input on KV-1 ZIS-5

I honestly never use its APCR. Is it even effective? With or without APCR the ZiS should definitely be 4.3, its overtiered BR is just cause future Tiger mains in Panzer IVs can’t stand not lolpenning everything they face.

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People dont undestand this game is not only “his main nation and germany”.

Im maybe blind but i checked your stats and you never played the Zis-5 KV so your complain is baaed on what???

No is not overtiered is perfeclty fine right now and is 4.7 because in full downtiers was a pain for ALL NATIONS.


Not even close.

If you look only at paper stats, yes, the Churchill is better.
When you look at the actual performance, you realise, that the KV-1 Zis-5’s armor follows this logic:
-good all around armor with a few weak spots.

And then, the Churchill’s armor follows this:
-weak spots all around with occasional armored spots.

The Cchurchill’s armor is just trash, and you will see a blatant weak spot no matter what you do, while the Zis-5’s armor can hold up against Tigers and Panthers.

Not the most important stat, but sure.

The gun is MUCH better. The churchill has the Sherman’s gun, but with only solidshot. It struggles even against more than a BR lower enemies.
The Zis-5 has extremely good angle pen (it will pen a T-34’s, Vk 3002M’s upper plate even at distance and angled, as well as it pens other KV-1s, and ISU-122/152s), while it has 100-ish grams of TNT, making it 1shot most enemies it will face.

It does not matter if the gun is just infinitely better in every other stat.

It is much faster, and has more reliable armor, you just have to get used to the Zis-5.

APCR is already a useless shell, so they could put it to any BR, without it or with it, it would not change the tank’s effectiveness a single bit.

It is more than fine where it is right now.

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As a regular user of it when it was 4.3, I can say the KV-1 (ZiS-5) fit there.

At 4.7, it is tossed into 5.7 where it is generally poor. Unplayable? No. Unimpressive? Yes.

The main aggravation of the KV-1 (ZiS-5) uptier was less about it and more about the upheaval of the 4.X lineups.

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Yeah I don’t even bother with APCR.
Before I decide to pick a fight with a Tiger or Panther I just stay passive, try to disable them or shoot when I get the chance to pen them with APHE.

It’s just not worth using for the few mm of extra pen at close range.

When ammo blows up when hit instad of turning orange and internal components can’t be repaired, maybe then would APCR be actually serve a purpose. Otherwise it’s just way too weak to be worth loading the gun with, just to have a chance to penetrate a specific enemy vehicle.

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Fun fact, in the beta (and maybe even a bit after ground mode relased), APCR was actually meta. Then Gaijin just saw it and nerfed it into the ground, and ever since it sits there.

What vehicles can the ZiS easily kill at 4.3 that can’t also kill it?
Cromwell V

Now compare that to what it faces at 4.7 that can easily kill it that it can’t kill
Tiger H1
Panther D
Pz IV 70
M4A2 76
M4A3 76
M4A4 SA-50
ARL 44

Yeah, it’s a pain to fight in an uptier. But that’s just how heavy tanks work. That’s why there are TDs and aircraft and artillery strikes and glass cannons and light tanks- to deal with otherwise tough to kill heavy tanks.






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Ooh, someone’s angy
Just neglect the 0m distance, optimal angles, vertical angling, pinpoint shots and “penetration possibility is low” and you’re right!


Ooooh, another issue:

Yet, a few lines lower:

So somehow the US 75mm can’t kill it, yet later it can?
And please don’t go for APCR…


There is literally no tank here that you mentioned, where it angling would help, but okay.
Okay, maybe, maybe the ISU.

Same goes here.

I have listed all weak spots there is, and some of them are there to show, that even that is pennable.

Please provide me a screenshot that i made of a tank, that only has “penetration possiblity is low” screenshot, without also a giant green part on the rest of the tank!

Oh, i guess this will also be just another
“Yeah, I ain’t doin all that. I got a family I gotta prepare a thanksgiving dinner for.”.
It looks like you are so busy preparing for thanksgiving dinner!

You asked for it!

Overangled panther can be penned there:

Look, even at 2km!

No matter if you angle it or not.

SA-50 is even worse:

Overangled jumbo:

Turret top becomes a weak spot due to shell drop:

As i said, it is the most tricky of them all.

Angling exposes a small-ish weak spot that can get your breech damaged, and even the crew if you are lucky.

All of these tanks are also higher BR, so you naturally will play more deffensively, soooo…

Dude. Use Spoilers. Most of your screenshots show penetration from an elevated position or at 10m range, which wouldn’t be possible in any real scenario.


That is for range, you know, shell drop.

So it is impossible to fight at 10m? Interesting. Then i did the impossible many times just today!

First of all, that doesn’t make any sense, shells don’t drop that much, and secondly, if you put the penetration range at 0m it’s hardly at range.

Just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s the norm. Just because a vehicle can pen another from 2000m doesn’t mean it’s relevant when these combat distances never happen.


It is 600odd m/s, yes, it drops a lot. Also maps are not flat.

For my first comment, yes, ten i set it to 500m and showed that it can still pen all of them even angled.

So what?

And as i said, you will (or i’d say should) play it as a support in an uptier, not as a front line fighter.
Even then, not every enemy is going to be higher BR than you.

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This is a very meaningful and informative comment!
Thank you!

I can feel my body getting younger, i feel that i am starting to become immortal from all the knowledge!
I am becoming one with the Universe! No, i am the Universe now.

Why the hell am i drunk?

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Useless bait pixel hunt photos to prove a non existant point. M-22 can kill a panther from the side as well


Yes, pixel hunt when around half of the images have 80-90% of the enemy tank green.

And it does not have a point?
The guy said, that the KV-1 Zis-5 can’t kill them at all!

And also, he said, that tanks with the US 75mm can’t kill the Zis-5, yet the jumbo using the same gun magically can easily kill the Zis-5!

And then, there is something, like a Churchill 7, that has the same gun as the T14, except without any explosive filler, and no APCR (which is trash, but there are a few cases where it can be useful), that actually suffers, even against lower BR opponents.

The Zis-5 is good at the BR it currently is.

It is reasonably mobile for a heavy tank, has usable armor even at uptiers, and the gun is wounderful if you can aim.

Of course it is not like the L-11 version, or the KV-1B/E, that you can just yolo with, but a competent player will do wounders with it.

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