Community competency

Accidently had my 3.7 lineup selected when queuing for a 7.0 match.
Proceeded to do better than 60% of team…
Main issue with the game is these players.
I had a Puma, a PZIV-J and a Wirbelwind…
This isnt a flex, more of a perspective to be seen.


alright mr 40.000 games. Do you ever have the urge to walk into a kindergarden and start beating little kids up lmao. Dont worry i am not offended, for all i know you are right, but atleat it is nice to see so many new players. Atleast in my opinion


Any advises how to change the situation?


people put in some effort rather than hold w toward enemy.

40000 battles is a lot. Do you even go outside?

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Performance indexing in the matchmaker would fix that. Just sayin’.


Notionally (according the Gaijin) there shouldn’t be any “new players” in a 7.0 game.
Also Gaijin: “Psssst, hey kid; BUY TOP TIER PREMIUM PACK! ON SAIL NOW!”


Society tends to teach people that it is best to blame others for failing. The problem is how to find the difference between those who really tried, those who not and those who simply can’t?


And it happens here to:
Not “I am a fool for having the wrong lineup”.
But: “I make a thread for asking why others make so many mistakes while I am squadded with two bullies.”

Spot on!


playing since 2013.

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hardly, we were playing 7.0 in a squad, i am sorry you dont like that and it upsets you. What other deficit would you like me to apply?
Maybe i should not have got that single kill? maybe i should do nothing every single match, just to put myself on the same level as others?
Get over it.
Note for future: do not EVER squad up with people, this makes you a bully lol.
If you look, enemy team has a squad of 4 - are they bullies also?

And when caught, pretend not to understand the critique. At least I hope you pretend.


what are you upset about?

in fact i dont care what your upset about.
Dont like people playing in squads? cry
Dont like someone doing better than 60% of team with a SINGLE kill.? cry.
Dont take it personal.

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They are probably 12 year old kids who’ve been grinding one nation on free-to-play since they were 8. I bet they are working on the filter upgrade and accuracy calibration upgrade right now.


I am just trying to highlight that despite only having 1 kill and using 3.7 at 7.0, that was enough to achieve more than majority.

Lets say i chose the correct nation/lineup at 7.0, it would not negate my point, 1 single kill should not put me above majority, i should be near bottom of leaderboard, whether it is a win or loss.

If anything, if i had chose my 7.0 lineup, and my team achieved the same results - it would be even more frustrating.

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Not sure of the point you are making.

Taking out vehicles many levels above you is recognized and rewarded in War Thunder and is part of the fun.
We see it all the time. An M22 Locust siding up to a Tiger that the Tiger can’t shoot and taking it out or the Puma driving in circles around the M60.I see the BT5 in mid-tier games quite a bit.
Hardly surprising somebody who has been playing ten years got one kill in a lower BR vehicle.17 pdr on some vehicles in 3 BR.

More impressive and amusing would be me getting killed twice for no kills at 1 BR after 12 thousand games. I’ll upload it next time it happens.

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its more about the team performance, not my shitty 1 kill.

Regardless of my BR - i should not do better than majority of team with a single kill.

Teams like this are reason players 1 death leave.

Teams like this are reason people get frustrated.

You can literally see it everywhere on this forum, players 1 death leave because the team is useless amongst other reasons.

whether it is 5.3 and i am using 5.3
whether it is 6.7 and i am using 6.7
whether it is 7.0 and i am using 7.0
whether it is 7.3 and i am using 7.3
whether it is 7.7 and i am using 7.7
whether it is 8.0 and i am using 8.0
whether it is 8.3 and i am using 8.3

The BR nor what i am using is a factor here, the issue is these players ruin matches, the enemy team is nowhere near as dangerous as your team.
Had a good game? tough shit - you got these players on your team.

You play again - you do well - you die once, look at leaderboard and see this - what are majority gonna do? they gonna leave. The evidence is all over the forums. One of main reasons people leave.
Then people complain about people leaving after 1 death… do you not see a circular pattern here?

I have the same frustrations. I get 1 kill and 4 deaths but I’m 3rd on my team or something similar. I might squad up with some australians or new zealanders (my region) but I’m feeling sick from flu or corona this week and I’m just playing WT mindlessly to relieve boredom.

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Excuse me:
You are in a 3-squad, the only organized squad of your team.
You are the balance for a 4-squad in the enemy team.
You are not well prepared.
The enemy 4 squad decimates your team as a consequence.
And now, best of all, you blame your team.

You are amazing.