Clouds only >100m over ground

I had 50% of the games this kind of clouds.
Especially its fun if you fly the first time on a map like in the video

Made me chuckle 😆

Makes flying through mountains more fun.

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What’s that goat doing in this cloud??



Gaijin could put minimum clearance altitudes in the maps…but they won’t.

Players could generate their own charts but eh…

Clouds can also be generated at ground level, you wanted the realistic experience, here it is.

Something need to be done, got match where whole airfild was in clouds (EC map).

Its not though thats the thing

Whoop Whoop, that’s the sound of the Terrain


It’s funny that this maps name, is pillars…

I was going to say that it was a pillar that you flew into so a minimum height of clouds wouldn’t suit.

It’d be nice if Gaijin gave us information for the runways (heading, field altitude, etc.) and DME for distance.

I put together a guide years ago (never published) for RB AFs runways including both the ones that were mission runways and legacy ones (Krymsk has some that are repair/rearm sites in some version and others that are just open fields with no interfacing.

I even have a story of such map knowledge being directly relevant and useful.


Years ago, long before Blind Hunt existed, I played an RB AF match on Alt. History Krymsk in my Avenger. During an attack on the seaside town near the map corner, I was wounded by enemy fire and my oil cooler was shot out.

I knew I was hurt badly and could not return to base, so I headed further toward the map edge and found the runway which is the German airfield in other versions of the map. After landing and shutting down, the oil temp cooled.

I had to wait for my team’s AI GFs to pick up the A runway…and to even make it to A, I had to make landings once or twice along the way.

Ultimately, I made it to A, got repairs and joined my team’s survivor (an A-20) in fighting off the Russians and winning via tickets by wiping out their GFs.

I wouldn’t have succeeded without using my knowledge of the map.

I mean you could’ve considered the typography of the map, and maybe you could’ve not flown in a straight line in an area known to have massive obstacles, also a bit of a hint the base bomb icon is darker when it’s obscured by terrain, so all I can really say is, start thinking more about your altitude and the ground

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I really really like the clouds! (noironyhere)

Many years ago during WW2, they had weather forcast and spys,if the target was coverd with cloud they would call the mission off, they never had gps they flew under visual rules. Today they have instrument only added to your flying licence.

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The pillar was clearly visible before you went into the cloud and you could just as easily have flown above the clouds, but somehow you flying blind into a pillar is now the game’s fault? 🤨
The weather and terrain make for much more interesting gameplay atm because it’s harder to hug the ground all the time to avoid radar missiles entirely and the clouds also mess with IR locks which can help avoid those IRCCM missiles. Matches should have different weather conditions and they should affect the way you play, it keeps every match from being pretty much exactly the same.

Or they would select another target. They would also wait until the fog lifted to take off.

Three words, my man. Terrain mapping radar.

That’s all we need for top BR stuff to fly just fine in these zero visibility settings.

this new weather stuffs really dumb but helps 3rd party mod users …you can watch some interesting stuff in replays almost like there is icons telling them where u are at start follow u like an F-16 but in early jets with no radar watch some good F-104 players

I don’t agree. It is “realistic”. People who die twice in it are kinda dumb.

Realistic is not flying during heavy clouded weather