Chinese Extended Ground Tree Discussion

This technology tree was created by me and also referenced the work of others.

This tree cannot include all vehicles, I will try to choose vehicles that are representative and unique.

This tree is only a suggestion or reference, and the specific location and BR of the vehicle will be determined by Gaijin.

If you find any problems or have suggestions for improvement, please feel free and I will handle them as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the vehicles or contents in the tree, please feel free to raise them and I will try my best to reply to you

Of course, you can also discuss other ground vehicles related to China here

Thanks everyone.



As a fellow Chinese player I second this


This one might be quite a collectable premium. Type 62 (OPFOR). Originally intended to be sent to Democratic Kampuchea, around 30 of them ended up in Thai inventory somehow. And, while the main purpose and their usage isn’t really clear, many think they were used as Opposite Forces (OPFOR) during training (similar to M1 KVT).


I will introduce some vehicles on trees, starting from the bottom up.
The VT and VN series will have separate topics.
VT series:

VN series:

Let’s begin from the 90-II series(There are currently no images for each prototype, I will add them later).


90-II and WZ123 are parallel projects, and the final product of 90-II is MBT-2000, while WZ123 ultimately becomes ZTZ99.
In the 1990s, the Chinese tank manufacturing industry successfully developed several new main battle tanks. As an upgraded product of the 85-IIM, the first 90-II used the same weapons and equipment as the basic type, with all improvements only involving turrets and armored bodies. The 90-II was the first tank in China to use modular armor architecture, which means that individual body elements have been modified during maintenance or modification, including the installation of new composite armor with higher protective performance.
The 90-II has four main prototype:
FP-1 (BW123F1)It can be said to be the first prototype of the MBT-2000 and has a power pack with an LSG3000 transmission in the 1150 hp 96D engine by maintaining the hp of the initial prototype.
FP-2 (BW123F2). It still has a German engine, but it improves the engine to 96DZ instead of 96D, increasing the hp to 1200hp.
FP-3 (BW123F4). It is equipped with a British CV-12 engine(1200hp) and a French ESM500 transmission. Additionally, there is a picture showing the installation layout of the initial Chinese explosion-responsive armor.
FP-4 (BW123F6). It is equipped with a 1200hp 6TD-2E engine and a planetary transmission in Ukraine. Since 6TD-2E was used, there is no exhaust port on the side.


  • Engine: 96D 1150hp/96DZ 1200hp/ CV-12 1200hp/ 6TD-2E 1200hp
  • Weight: 48t
  • Max speed: 70km/h, -31km/h
  • Spin turn: Yes
  • Main gun: 125mm smoothbore gun
  • Shells: All 125mm Chinese APFSDS, HEAT, HE, HE-VT
  • Reload time: 7.1s
  • Machine gun: 7.62mm machine gun + 12.7mm machine gun
  • Gunner thermal: Gen.2
  • Commander thermal: No
  • Commander override: Yes
  • Vertical guidance: -6°, 14°
  • Target speed: 30°/s, 6°/s
  • LWS: Unknown
  • APS: No
  • ERA: FY-2(140 KE, 370 CE)
  • Hull protection: ~450-470 RHA + FY-2
  • Turret protection: ~600 RHA + FY-2

The 90-II will be the main force in China’s export MBT line, which has the same BR as ZTZ99-II/III, equipped with DTW-125 or DTC-10 shells. Compared to ZTZ99-II/III, 90-II has better maneuverability, poorer protective capabilities, and the same firepower, which will provide a different experience for Chinese trees.



This looks great! I really hope the Chinese tree will be this filled out one day. Excellent work on it.

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And this one is the 85-III, which is the improved version of 85-IIM, developed in 1993 by
Norinco for bidding on new orders in Pakistan.


The total weight of the 85-III is 44 tons. With the 125 mm cannon and a 1000 horsepower diesel engine produced in Yugoslavia, a bilateral planetary gearbox, and an integral hoisting power cabin. The Fire-control system is also produced in Yugoslavia, and is the same model as the Fire-control system of the Yugoslav M84A.The reliability issue caused by poor endurance of the power system cannot adapt to the desert environment testing in Pakistan, especially when the fuel tank is too small, resulting in the fuel tank cracking. Moreover, it is only a test sample vehicle, which appeared to have many faults during the test, so it was not selected in the comparison test in Pakistan (Pakistan chose the T-80UD improved by Ukraine). The problem was later solved, but more advanced models have been launched, Therefore, the 85-III tank was not mass-produced.


  • Engine: XXXX 1000hp
  • Weight: 44t
  • Max speed: 59km/h, -6km/h
  • Spin turn: No
  • Main gun: 125mm smoothbore gun
  • Shells: All 125mm Chinese APFSDS, HEAT, HE, HE-VT
  • Reload time: 7.1s
  • Machine gun: 7.62mm machine gun + 12.7mm machine gun
  • Gunner thermal: No
  • Commander thermal: No
  • Commander override: No
  • Vertical guidance: -6°, 14°
  • Target speed: 30°/s, 6°/s
  • LWS: No
  • APS: No
  • ERA: FY-1(5 KE, 370 CE)
  • Hull protection: ~450 RHA + FY-1
  • Turret protection: ~390 RHA + FY-1

The 85-III is a stronger ZTZ96, but it still cannot compete with the ZTZ96A, as it can effectively fill the BR gap between the two.


+1 Great. Separating the light tanks into another line and adding an export vehicle line is something I’ve always been thinking about.


+1, I’ve especially been wanting the ZTQ15 for a while now, I hope we see it in the future.


Me too, but they need to make another LT branch so that to place it, i think Gaijjn are working for it brecasue they add so many LTs in many tiers for CN in last few updates :)

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I saw earlier a modification based on the ZLT11 hull, a cannon similar to that on a PUMA infantry fighting vehicle was installed on a ZLT11 chassis. It’s such a cool and interesting vehicle, and if it’s added to the WT, no matter how I to get it, I’d love to own one

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The VN1 serise is what u waht.




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The developers said that wt support only 5 branches now.


Useless lol.

This is what I’m hoping for


Type 59 - 7.7 (APCBC)
Type 59-I - 8.0 (Type 59 APFSDS)
Type 59-II - 8.7 (Type 83 APFSDS)
Type 88A - 9.3 (Type 83 APFSDS)

Type 69 - 8.0 (PT71-100 APFSDS)
Type 69-I - 8.3 (Type 59 APFSDS)
Type 69-II - 9.0 (DTW2-100 APFSDS)
Type 85-II - 9.7 (DTW2-105 APFSDS)

ZTZ96 - 10.0 (125-I)
ZTZ96A (P) - 10.7 (125-I)
ZTZ96A - 11.0 (DTW-125)
VT-4 - 11.3 (DTW-125)
ZTZ96B - 11.7 (DTC10-125)
VT-4A1 - 12.0 (DTC10-125)

ZTZ99 - 10.3 (125-I)
ZTZ99-I - 11.0 (DTW-125)
ZTZ99-II - 11.3 (DTW-125)
ZTZ99A - 12.0 (DTC10-125)
WZ1001 - 12.3 (DTC10-125)
ZTZ99-140 - 13.0 (DTW-140)

T-54 - 7.7 (APCBC)
T-54A - 8.0 (3BM-20)
T-55A - 8.3 (3BM-25)
T-55AM - 8.7 (3BM-25)
T-72 Ural-1 - 9.0 (3BM15)
T-72A - 9.3 (3BM-22)
T-72B “84” - 9.7 (3BM-26 / 3BM-29)
T-72B “85” - 10.0 (3BM-32)
T-72B “89” - 10.7 (3BM-42)
T-90A - 11.3 (3BM-42-2)
T-72B3M - 11.7 (3BM-60)
T-90M - 12.3 (3BM-60)
Object 195 - 13.0 (experimental apfsds)

T-62 - 8.3 (3BM-6)
T-62M-1 - 8.7 (3BM-21)
T-64A - 9.0 (3BM-15)
T-64B - 9.3 (3BM-22)
T-64BV - 9.7 (3BM-26 / 3BM-29)
T-80BV - 10.0 (3BM-32)
T-80U - 10.7 (3BM-42)
T-80UM - 11.3 (3BM-42-2)
T-80BVM - 12.0 (3BM-60)
T-14 Prototype - 12.3 (3BM-60)
T-14 Production - 13.0 (3BM-69)

Leopard 1 - 8.0 (L28A1)
Leopard A1A1 - 8.3 (L28A1)
M48A2 G A2 - 8.7 (M111)
Leopard 1A3 - 9.0 (M111)
Leopard 1A5 - 9.7 (M413)
Leopard 2A0 - 10.0 (DM13)
Leopard 2A4 - 10.3 (DM23)
Leopard 2A5 - 11.0 (DM33)
Leopard 2PL - 11.3 (Pz.531)
Leopard 2A6 - 12.0 (DM53)
Leopard 2A7 - 12.3 (DM63A1)
Leopard 2A7V - 12.7 (DM73)
Leopard 2A8 - 13.0 (LKE Neo)

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I really hope gajjin keeps all options open for Chinese ground forces, as there starting too run out of top tier worthy MBT’s and we will essentially need vehicles like the M1A2T and The best possible version of the VT-4 too help china have a top tier worthy lineup. Also adding more high BR light tanks and IFV’s along with better SPAA would greatly increase Chinas capabilities and options on the ground

It’s missing a north Korean subtree. Looks good otherwise

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