Chinese Extended Ground Tree Discussion

NK can provide some event or premium vehcile :)

We need more SPAA for China, not only toptier spaa, but also like PGZ88 or ty90 launcher on the ground.


I have created a tech tree for the Chinese Air Force myself (with rank based on the US technology tree created by others). There may be a large number of errors among them.
Would you like to take a look :)


Yitian SPAA when?
8X TY-90s on a WZ-551 hull.


How do we feel about a Pakistani Sub tree for China? It would open the door for some cool vehicles and could really boost china at top tier especially. Something I’m interested in would be the Pakistani version of the T-80UD which I remember correctly used an improved transmission form the Ukrainian T-84’s. While it’s engine would be less powerful, it’s mobility would in some ways be better thanks too a better transmission.


Pakistan would be neat. North korean event/premiums would also be neat

I’d like to see either an “export” line or a Pakistan line personally. God I just want the mighty Jeff 🤣.


What’s the mighty Jeff?

Also while I’m at it, does anyone have any good info on the transmission of the Pakistani T-80UD?

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JF-17 thunder


Thank you, however this is about the Soviet version of the T-80UD, and while it is cool and I hope it comes too the USSR tech tree, I’m specifically speaking about the late batch of T-80UD’s that Pakistan received from Ukraine that were modified with the T-84 transmission I believe. I hope that version comes too China

Very nice tree. I especially hope to see the Project 704 tank ingame someday.

Right now I think the most important vehicles China could use are better SPAA in the 10.0-11.7 range, and more high end light tanks so we don’t have too keep using the Boat car! It seems that the VT-4 is in the way as it’s been found in the files for a while, and we may even get the Taiwanese M1A2T as it was passed too developers not too long ago

just check the Yitian short range air defense system, with search radar and TY90*8

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Oh I have, the trick is wating for gajjin too actually add this stuff tho. Currently the PGZ04 is one of the worst MANPAD launchers in the game, with the manpads themselves being some of the worst, and then the fact that somehow despite all the empty space in the hull, it only carry the 4 on the turret with no spare. The guns are decent but overall this platform is very underwhelming and it’s the only SPAA you get until the TOR, which in my eyes is also an underwhelming SPAA when compaired too a Pantsir.


When and When


I want them soo bad. TY-90’s would be the perfect answer too chinas current SAM gap. Also the last “passed too developers” suggestions for China is basically a Chinese Pantsir so that’s cool

Edit: here’s the Chinese Pantsir equivalent that was recently passed too devs


Are you sure 140mm really exist

Hopefully we will see the modern VT-4 next update, as I’m assuming other nations will also see newer and better Tanks for the ground tree