Chikugo Class Destroyer Escort

From what I read up, shouldn’t DE-215 Chikugo be able to use the Mk 112 “Matchbox” launchers with ASW torpedoes, similar to how the ALFA rocket torpedo launcher is on the Isuzu class?

I know that the Mk 112 is also capable of launching SSMs too but that is still a far future considering we barely have any ships that can.


Gaijin originally didn’t add it as it was classified as an “ASW weapon”, but there technically isn’t anything stopping it from attacking ships. It’s literally just a Mk.46 torpedo already present in game attached to a rocket then parachutes down.

Would it have fired/carried RGM-84s and RIM-24s. The launchers are capable of it but I wasn’t able to find anything in my search that said Chikugo had them.

Honestly naval isn’t my strong suit in terms of info @aizenns did a lot of bug reports on Japanese naval stuff before becoming a mod so he might know.

Chikugo-class equipped Type 74 ASROC launcher (Mk112(J)Mod2N).
As name shown, Japanese treated it as a launcher for ASROC missile, not SSM/SAM launcher.

Japan Defense Agency’s document clearly says that purpose of this equipment is below:

“The Type 74 ASROC Launcher (hereinafter referred to as ASROC ) is used by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force onboard ships to launch ASROC missiles (hereinafter referred to as missiles) with homing torpedoes as warheads at underwater targets.”

Also, it is controlled by underwater target attack control systems (IDK exact English name) so it does not have ability to attack surface targets.


ASROC launcher is capable to launch RUR-5 ASROC, RGM-84 Harpoon SSM and W44 nuclear depth charge

RGM-84 Harpoon SSM was launched from an ASROC launcher aboard the Knox class Frigate USS Badger (FF 1071) - 1980

DominicAsrockSwordfish (2)

Operation Dominic-Swordfish, destroyer USS Agerholm fired an ASROC with a W44 nuclear depth charge

Obviously, JMSDF does not have W44, but JMSDF does have harpoon. So here is my question, does JMSDF use ASROC launcher to launch harpoon? I can’t find any evidence to show they did, but technically they should be able to do that.

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Based on @aizenns document posted above, I don’t think the equipped the Chikugo-class with any SSMs unfortunately and used it as a ASW launcher.

Depending on the date of the document and if the ships were decommissioned after the date of the document, there could be a possibility they were provisioned with them but that’s grasping at straws. Conversely, the devs could just implement RGM-84s on it since the Mk112 “Matchbox” does have the capability to use them.

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Well, MK.46 torpedo use on ASROC have depth ceiling, so the torpedo would not accidentally hit civilian or friendly vessels near by.

Date of that document is July 22,1972.
And the first Harpoon was delivered in 1977.

And JDS Chikugo (DE-215) decommissioned on 15 April 1996, she might equip harpoon.

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It’s too early to bring Harpoons into the game imo.

The JDS Amatsukaze would fit better since we already have the RIM-24A in game (USS Douglass) and it would be a better Pr.56K Bravy.

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We can only pray. I hope that she was fitted with it later in her service life but time will tell. Then it will be up to devs to decide which year fit she is implemented as.

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Well, for Japanese, it will not attractive…

Technically it will not impossible. But according to Japanese variant’s documentation what I quoted, anti-surface target fire control system is not interlocked.

At least they seems not consider Type 74 ASROC launcher as harpoon launcher because they procured Type 74 ASROC for successor of Type 71 Bofors rocket launcher. (but Ishikari/Yubari class DEs used Type 71 Bofors because their target was shallow depth subs)
Look at successor of Chikugo-class, Ishikari and Yubari class DE equip both Type 71 Bofors for anti-sub and Harpoon launcher for anti-rocket instead of Type 74 ASROC launcher.
Also, in Abukuma-class DE equip both Type 74 ASROC and Harpoon launchers.

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I do some further research.
When ASROC was initially put into service, the launcher only had the function of launching anti-submarine missiles and did not have the ability to launch Harpoon missiles. In the 1970s, several Knox-class frigate received an interim surface warfare upgrade allowing Standard ARM anti-radar missiles to be fired from the ships’ ASROC launcher. Later, all Knox-class frigate were modified to launch Harpoon anti-ship missiles from the ASROC launcher.
So as you said, JMSDF seems not interested in this surd of surface warfare upgrade. That might explain why they put both ASROC and Harpoon launchers on board.

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Yeah, although I could not find a clear denial, it seems unlikely that they update it for such purposes.
As well known, JMSDF’s principal mission is anti-sub warfare and anti-mine warfare.

Anyway, your research is very interesting and attractive. (I’m suffering to research late japanese coastal tree…) Thank you so much to share it!

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