Chaos in the Skies: The Devastating Impact of the Su-25SM3 in War Thunder

Ngl, the title of this thread sounds like a devblog title for the Su-25SM3 to showcase its capabilities.


The same seems to happen with APS and bushes, with destroyed projectiles detonating on vehicles and acting as they should even though I visually confirmed that it was intercepted or already detonated on a bush/tree.

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Good thing that test is not indicative of a real match at all. I’m sure every game you get to sit in spawn, hyperfocus on a single target, eyeball track the missiles he is specifically firing in intervals to give you a chance to intercept AND still fail to go 1:1 with missiles intercept with Custom lobby ping

The rest of us live in the real world where it’s actually a PvP game and not a testing ground.

It was a test to prove you can hit the missiles as someone claimed they cannot be destroyed by surface to sir missiles the video disproved that and I was shooting missiles you can’t fire all of them instantly they have Small delay

same can be said about the other test in this thread

or this, quite literally the reason this thread exists

Couldn’t find the last time he BS’d this into the aether, but he did me the favor of posting it again so I didn’t have to dig for it


Oh look, me stating the opposite of what you claimed I stated.
The fact you CAS defenders attack the WT community is a trashy behavior.
All supersonic CAS in War Thunder out-ranges all SPAA in War Thunder; which makes all SPAA equally useless.
Being better than TOR-M1 means killing CAS beyond 12km, of which Pantsir can only kill drones and helicopters beyond 12km… and jet pilots that act like drones.
So yeah, equally useless.
My jet sits at 16km going mach 1.2, outside the range of all SPAA.

All 10 tech trees need new SPAA, but you claim they don’t with posts like that.

Yeah, the dude has never seen anyone claim Pantsir is inferior to TOR-M1. Calling it now.

So we just gunna ignore the fact you wasted half of your SAMs for missiles that I will argue depending on the map, altitude and direction most radars wont even detect them because blindspots and dog coding on gaijins part for radar.

But yh I love wasting half my SAMs on AGMs and not even being a threat to the actual thing that is flinging these from 15km+ away. and I would also like to point out, do that while also facing a plethora of KAs flinging missiles at you.

You wont be wasting your time or brain power trying to fight ghost missiles when a KA pops up and is clapping spawn.

I dont argue they can be shot down, but Ito is the exception, TorM1 cannot if its within a certain range because of how it launches, has a window of no guidance/no in line with the sight so can be harder to hit these if they come in from other directions or at someone else. and god help the Rolands…

Anyone who is defending this missile has brain rot end of.


hmmm ye like everyone in pantsir does to defend from gbus mavericks etc is it a waste of missile if you can survive thanks to it same was done while tunguska was top soviet spaa so ye wasting missiles dude roadmap has even planned rewards for shooting down munition its not a waste

Same principle applies to a enemy F-16/Gripen firing their 4/6 Mavericks at your team from 10/12km.

Everything you say is beyond pathetic in terms of being an argument

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The only problem I have with the new Frogroot: IMO Usually it’s USSR & GER on the other team so they have two of the best SPAA, arguably.

ITO-90M is better then Flarakrad.


The ITO gets more ammo to fire at once, FlaRakRad has to reload, but the latter gets smokes grenades which are very useful.

Not really.

Got both vehicles spaded and i can tell ITO is much better when it comes to delf defence.

ITO has:

Better thermals
More missiles ready to fire
Smaller Size

Having one niche advantage thats not even useful most of the time is not something good when you’re using an Spaa.


smokes are life saving if used properly

Results are clear.

ITO has more advantages over Flarakrad.

İf you prefer Flarak over ITO then its your personal preference but that doesnt mean its actıally better then ITO.


i guess kh-38ml got maverick treatment had 3 deal completley 0 dmg against tanks

My Kh-38Mt’s working perfectly fine.

Whats wrong?