Chaos in the Skies: The Devastating Impact of the Su-25SM3 in War Thunder

I don’t usually complain much, but it seems like War Thunder is joking games with us. Russia already has the best anti-aircraft defense in the game, capable of shooting down aircraft from a distance of 20 km, while other nations can only reach 10 km. That alone is absurd. And now, instead of improving the anti-aircraft defenses of other nations, they simply introduce the Su-25SM3, which can fire missiles from 40 km away. Is this a joke? An anti-aircraft defense can only eliminate targets at 10 km, and this plane can do it four times that distance? It’s completely ruining the gaming experience, making it practically impossible. Just launch all the missiles and aim at every target to eliminate them all. It’s almost like a Death Star. I was considering buying premium vehicles from other nations, but now I’m not even excited anymore. It seems like it’s only worth playing with Russia. And there will still be people trying to justify these practices, which is simply incomprehensible. The game is completely unbalanced.


Yeah I have no idea what they were smoking when they added this. But surely you could just intercept the kh38s out of the sky right?

Also, I am about 3/4ths of the way to unlocking it myself but what is the lock range on the 38MTs?



Double the ADATS’s max range XD


I can’t say that I am surprised. Looks like CAP is going to be mandatory to deal with this.

Also is that POINT range or TRACK range? In the dev server they were only capable of POINT (Which does not make sense with an IR seeker but that would make it a little balanced at least.


Yeah, its the reason i’m grinding USSR this patch. MAWS, thermals and 20km missiles vs no more than 14km range SPAA because Pantsir is on your team.

Track. Point is good for up to 40km.


can’t shoot something going 2.2 mach unlike the maverick

Maverick has basically zero delta V and is soft limited to mach .9, KH-38 can do up to mach 2.3 iirc


and the maverick can’t really pen shit in a real situation


How come? Its not like its maneuvering its just a missile headed to your direction so SAMs should be able to intercept it.

Anyone down to experiment with this?

Used the kh38 today and i would say if maps were bigger they would be stronger but you spawn at around 10-12 km to the battlefield and when you turn around to get more range from battlefield your team either lost alot of ground to enemy team or there is plane trying to kill you

ye i can come in a sec

Cool, just add me in game and I’ll see if I can do anything in the ItO 90M.

give me sec i am in battle rn

Same as mavericks, 20KM, and F-16 also is faster,maneuvers better, accelerates faster and can carry more AAM while doing CAS

I literally don’t get the complaint, hop in a fighter and kill them.

Why is nobody complaining about the untouchable F-16C CAS instead? Instead of complaining about a flying brick that can’t go over Mach, can’t fight fighters, complain about the literally superior F-16C.


they also got new mavericks that can overpressure

20km is notably not double the Pantsir’s max range

Only 2 on the 16C lol. You trade the triple mounts out for em


If you are getting hit at 12KM+ by pantsir you have extreme skill issue, I was literally never killed in my F-16C by pantsir while doing CAS. What I died to was fighters because I lost situational awareness in optic mode.

Just stay fast and high altitude at distance, instead of rushing like “murica fuck yeah I’m a free bird baby brrrrrrt” then dying to pantsir


Use the D and guided bombs, the new mavericks aren’t worth the lower amount you get


Good luck getting a lock at 20km exactly either. Su-25 gets about 6km of grace where its totally immune while the F16 can’t even start to track targets until its in the danger zone. Its simply a difference we’ve never really seen before.

Because it can be countered with the same thing US has to counter Russian CAS with: CAP

Ain’t no 10km alt F-16C dodging an R-27ER


F-16C is undoubtedly the best CAS in the game but this is also why it sits at 12.7. We have a laser/IR guided missile bus here that is capable of outranging all SPAA at 11.7 do you really not see the issue here?

Not to mention that Mavericks, while in higher quantity, do not deal the same damage, have the same speed or range as the Kh-38s.

Well ideally an SPAA (you know, the ground vehicle designed to take out aircraft) would be able to counter this just fine but I don’t see many counterplay options with SPAA here.