Changing the matchmaker BR spread [Poll]

At certain BRs the difference in vehicle power ±1 is too great.

Was wondering what the community’s thoughts on changing the BR range from ±1 to ±.7

If you have a 10.0 lineup you’d face 9.3 - 10.7
If you have a 9.7 lineup you’d face 9.0 - 10.3

Wanted to start s poll to see if people would be interested in Gaijin giving this a trial go for a few weeks to see what happens.

I don’t really foresee any problems besides the potential for longer queues.

Would you want to have a trial change of the matchmaker from ±1 BR to ±.7 BR
  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t care

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This is an extension of the topic that has been previously discussed here:

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Might be interesting to split Air and ground


Before a great discussion breaks out, I would request that this be locked, and I will link the discussion threat that recently occurred as well.

Is it feasible to adjust the BR float to ± 0.7?

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There was no poll or talk of a trial there. And the topic was quickly derailed by an individual arguing against every post.

Wanted this to be less of an argument and more of a poll, maybe pass it on for a suggestion depending on the results


Actually after looking at the other thread, it would seem more logical & worthwhile to lock that one and let this go on for a while . . . until it gets totally derailed as most threads do, especially ones along this type of topic.

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I think we summed up most of the discussion between Post 140 and 160 in that old one

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Screwing with the matchmaker is a terrible idea. You’ll create holes in the matchmaker and completely skew how everything is balanced.

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Basically the main argument ive heard against this is that it would increase queue times. Most people will respond “i’d rather wait 15 seconds more for a more balanced match”. One problem with that is that we have no idea by how long it would increase queue times, it could be 15 seconds, it could be 2 minutes. I personally would not want to wait any longer for games, it is one of the main positives of war thunder, that you can just jump into a game with relatively no queue time and be straight into the action. The only people who know how long it would increase queue times to is gaijin, and people on the forums are notorusly bad at trusting gaijin at all. I suspect that they have already tested and trialled it, like they said they did with the econ changes in secret, and have come to the conclusion that it would be negative. The other issue with changing the matchmaker in this way is that the entire game would need to be rebalanced, as in every vehicle would need to be looked at and potentially changed. Also does it actually do anything to the balance? The problem with balance right now is less so the top and bottom br’s in a match are so badly mismatched overall, but more that there are specific vehicles at the top br in a match, that are too good for the BR they are at, let alone the ones below it. Simple br changes fixes this, they just need to change the right vehicles. Overall, i do not think changing the matchmaker in this way actually fixes any of the problems people want fixed, and it most certainly would not stop people complaining about balance, but also may come with a negative impact to the game that i do not want to see.


At least bother reading the discussion part before making statements already disproven in that

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same to you

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This post reminds me: does anyone actually have a problem with queue times as they stand, whether its for air or ground modes?

Gaijin says they won’t decompress BRs, changed the BR spread from .7 to 1.0 years ago, won’t add new modes, all because of “queue times”. But on the US server queue times are no problem at any hour. In fact, the queue times are so fast at practically any BR that I can’t leave the matchmaker fast enough if I change my mind about playing at that moment before I get put into a game.


Queue times are slow (like 15s instead of 2) for dead BRs. super low tier and 7.7 but only at around 3-4am
And PVE is also dead. Air 5.0 to 6.0 takes a while as well if you play germany because of the JU 288 spam. but thats about it

And PVE is also dead

Yeah, but have you played any of the PVE modes recently? They’re a bad joke. No wonder no one plays them.

Armored Warfare had far superior PVE modes eight years ago.

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AW had working volumetric shells and armour 8 years ago

Also true.


.7 is needlessly confusing, and is just a Band-Aid fix. Things might also have to be rebalanced to fit the new system.

Normal, good decompression should be what we are asking for, not a complicated, Band-Aid fix to a complex issue.

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I don’t agree with that as a permanent change as it would potentially restrict diversity of vehicles in matches, kill certain lineups, and I believe normal balancing is a better option for decompression/balance.

But I would 100% be down for Gaijin to trial a .7 spread for a month or so to gauge player response, if it is technically feasible to do so.

It seems like something that would be simple enough to give a shot and then afterwards we can decide if it is worth keeping.


I must say it is good for most vehicles but will also destroy the whole static data, which will makes the BR system broken. because there will be some empty BR if nobody has vehicles( imagine from BR 10.7-11.0, the german TT doesn’t have any ground vehicles in this) so it needs a long time to adjust.

Everything is literally already balanced against things both 0.7 below and 0.7 above it. Since… you already face all those things in matches… so it has to be balanced vs them. Or at least can’t possibly get any LESS balanced than now. (might not be perfect now, but no NEW problems could logically arise that would break balance)

What “holes” are you speaking of? There’s 50,000 people online from steam alone, 0.7 range puts you in range of 15% of the tech tree at any given time, and there’s 4 main modes.

(50,000 * 0.15) / 4 = on average 1,875 people with lineups in range of you online in your mode.

If one BR is 5x less popular than average, that’s still 375 people, or a match launching roughly every minute.


10.7-11.0 is not a big enough zone for no German vehicles to match to anything inside it. Both those BRs would still be able to match to 3 other BRs that do have German vehicles in them.

(Also why would it even matter if there WAS hypothetically a BR that couldn’t match any German vehicles? So what?)

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