Changing the matchmaker BR spread [Poll]

This makes 11.3 or 10.3 always uptier or downtier ( some combination will cause it, like in air RB).

So what? Having both full downtiers and full uptiers allows balanced win rates still. You’d need a gap of 3 slots, not two, which I don’t think exists anywhere.

If it did in some random obscure place, all that would happen is that those vehicles would then over- or under-perform, and move up or down until it had a variety of tiering again. Not a big deal, since it only affects either nowhere at all or like 1 place somewhere I’m not seeing.

IMHO the BR system steps by 0.3 / 0.7 / 1.0 / 1.3 etc has been created initially with +0.7 / -0.7 spread in mind. The +1/-1 BR spread was put into place as an improvised measure at the beginning of WT to reduce queue times. Unfortunately it stuck and we still have it 10 years later.

It also makes mathematical sense to have a 0.7 spread with the 0.3 / 0.4 steps than 1 entire spread. I mean why would they make a system with 0.3 / 0.4 steps if it wasn’t created for the 0.7 step in the first place? For ±1.0 BR spread would make much more sense to have 0.5 steps instead.

0.7 spread would instantly solve all balancing issues we have right now with little to no effort on Gaijin’s side. We have the player numbers now to make the switch.

Ground up decompression you all asking for? Thats utopia akin to adjusting every single vehicle out of the 2000+ we have. Gaijin will never waste resources on that. Enabling 0.7BR spread? Thats overwriting 2 values in code and adjusting a few vehicles afterwards. 1 day worth of work for Gaijin, this is our only chance for balance we have right now.

I think overall decompression is better to reducing matchmaker spread, but the poll asks if we’d be fine with this being tested and tbh I can’t see why not. It could be tried out over a weekend or something like that, Gaijin would be able to look at how it performs, and draw conclusions for or against from there.


We’ve try’d decompression MULTIPLE TIMES and we’re still having the same issue over and over… Can we at least try 0.7 +/- once for an update to see if it actually helps…


si deberian de modificar el BR" actualmente ahi mucha diferencia en batalla los tanques con poco BR" velocidad, penetracion, recarga, blindaje, a duras penas haces un hit" cuando te enfrentas 9.7 vs 10.7 u 11.0

Other than issues that have been been mentioned already, this will make matches more stale. Less vehicles to fight against.

I read the part you said, and it was just you and a couple of other people stating one thing, then Razervon stating another thing, and the whole thing going nowhere. Someone also created a chart that doesnt actually prove or disprove anything. The point i’m making is that for balancing right now, the problem is certain vehicles being too strong, and it creating powerBR’s. take the russian 8.7 lineup for example, it is incredibly strong because of a couple of vehicles (Obj-279 & T-55AM/D). So right now, playing 7.7 is hell because you just get sucked up into that constantly,. same goes for playing 9.0 or 9.3 because of all of the top teir premiums at 10.0 and 10.3. Putting the matchmaker to 0.7 doesnt mean that there wont be a powerBR clubbing anything below it, it just means that the BR getting shafted is one above where it was previously, so in the example of russia 8.7, now just 8.0 and 8.3 get clubbed. 7.7 then becomes a powerBR because it almost never sees upteirs, and 7.0-7.3 get clubbed.With 0.7 these brackets are slightly smaller, so there are actually more unbalanced powerBR’s than in the 1.0 system. The problem with balance right now is not that the top and bottom br’s in a match are so badly mismatched overall, but more that there are specific vehicles that are too powerful for their BR, and create PowerBR’s that ruin the game for the BR’s below. Also, you havent disproven anything, you have presented arguments, mostly based on conjecture about what would/woulld not happen. Stop acting like you have a perfect solution and have it all figured out, dont you think that if there was such a solution, gaijin would have implemented it already? They have decided that br decompression is the best solution, and are currently doing that.

I just cant understand why war thunder decided to uptier 10.3 to 11.0 against japanese autoloading tanks with 481mm of pen, and not expect the opposing team to get murdered. Quite literally just had a match against three 11.0 autoloading tanks and our team just got demolished and spawn camped within 2 minutes. If you are 11.0 you play 11.0 and up, you dont down tier that BR, you are just going to abuse the players on the opposing team.

Ive had this happen multiple matches now where that autoloading japanese tank creams the entire team with 11 kills + and its a fkn cake walk for them. It’s just beyond absurd.

So you did not read at all.

Everything you said was acknowledged in the other posts, or proven to be wrong.

Not once did I or anyone claim that 0.7 would be the perfect rebalance for every vehicle.
It is a tool to enable a better and more precise way to rebalance vehicles.
Nothing else. Meaning everything you just wrote is, not necessarily false, but not topic of the discussion.

And more importantly if every example you named is correct, than it is correct right now even without the 0.7 MM. It is just harder to see.

Again 0.7 is nothing more than a different way of increasing the BR range. It is very similar to an increase of the BR range to 16.7. But even if we raised the max BR to 16.7 we would still need to change vehicles BRs around for proper balance. That is unavoidable, as it is the very reason why we want decompression.

But kets take one of your examples. Russian 8.7 being OP.
The main argument as to why it can not go to 9.0 right now is, that it has no chance against 10.0. Which is correct.
In 0.7 it could however easily move to 9.0, as the max BR it would face would still be 9.7, but bith 7.7 and 8.0 would nolonger have to face it, and the remaining 8.7s in the game would now properly ses that these russian vehicles are not at their level, but superiour.

Again. 0.7 is not a rebalance of under BRed vehicles, it is a way to easily create gaps to move overperformers into.

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Or, you could move the vehicles too powerful for 8.7 to 9.0, and the vehicles too powerful for 10.0, to 10.3 and so on. which is what gaijin have been doing.

So it doesnt fix the issues people want fixed. simple as

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If they had, we would not have any/this many discussions about decompression.
You can not ignore this fact.

I think the forum bugged out, as I can not see what else you quoted and your points regarding these quotes.

I never undestand why they never tested bring back the old 0.7 and ask to the community about this change.
Just a pair of test during a few days just that.


PVE is dead because it’s pointless. You get so little RP for your time you’d probably get more just by going into matches and dieing

So it doesnt solve the problem people want solved, which is the imbalance in the game, because, like i said, the problem with balance right now is not that the top and bottom br’s in a match are so badly mismatched overall, but more that there are specific vehicles that are too powerful for their BR, and create PowerBR’s that ruin the game for the BR’s below.

At the rate gaijin is currently decompressing, they’ll hit their 20th anniversary before they’re done and it still probably won’t be fixed because they would have added 10 more years of power creep. It hasn’t even been a year since they decided to “decompress” aviation and it already needs to be decompressed again.

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We would still be talking about compression if the game had br’s 1-387, and we have since the game started. Chronic whiners will always whine. Also if they were not balancing the game on purpose, why would they then do it a different way, doesnt make any sense. I dont think they are intentionally making the game imbalanced, they just balance off statistics, which can be misleading.

Also, you didnt really address what i said about the queue times, and i didnt see a lot about it in the other post. I suspect gaijin already tried the whole 0.7 mm idea and didnt like the results, wether because of queue times or another reason.

The problem can not be fixed without either a change in MM spread or an increase in max BR. Gajin has repeatedly stated that they will not increase Max BRs by any significant amount, which is why it has stagnated.

You are just making circlearguments with 0 points.

The only way to change BRs without causing compression in either direction is by raising the distance between BRs. Som either by increasing the max BR by a significant amount or by changing how many BRs interact with oneanother.

You would not write what you wrote under someone arguing for an BR increase to lets say 14.7. But there is no difference in a BR increase to 14.7 and a MM spread limit to 0.7. Both can not fulfull your demands without needing BR changes to some vehicles. So your point is…pointless.

So far every point you made also applies to an max BR increase.

So around 90% of the community is the same as three people constantly whining. Wise words indeed.

“Also, you didn’t really address what I said about the queue times, and I didn’t see a lot about it in the other post.”

Already did above, and this test would show if queue times are an issue. You can bring as many such arguments as you want. The test will either prove them or disprove them. So why be against something that could potentially prove your points? Especially if it is over a limited time period, like 1 week or 1 month?

“I suspect Gaijin already tried the whole 0.7 mm idea and didn’t like the results, whether because of queue times or another reason.”

This is the same argument people had when they argued against a lowering in SL prices: “Gaijin knows what they are doing”.

Where are you getting this number from? the majority of the community have never touched the forums, or the reddit, or responded to anything gaijin has put out. so no, 90% of the community does not want Decompression. 90% of the people on the forums is a different matter