Changes that are needed in top tier until the modern fox 3 missiles come to the game in arb

My ideas, and suggestions on what needs to change in the game
These changes must be from yesterday, changes that must be in-game until 90’s/2000’s Fox 3 missiles, if not come, the hype will fall

1 bug fix on tws.
the tws on all planes still bounce when soft lock, where it changes the lock-on randomly in an inconvenient way. The plane that suffers is the f-14 A/B Tomcat, the only plane that has a fox-3 missile, the missile goes to the wrong target when fires while changing the lock target.
1.1 about tws problem, the aim-54 A/C is not tracking, I suppose that problem is because when at the moment the launch track is not commanded by some radar bug
vídeo link:
1.2 the lack of multi-lock physic in-game that should be in the game.
1.3 The multi-lock system must be in-game because some figthers in-game have different limits about locking in multiple times, the f-16c radar can multi-lock 4 at the same time f-14 radar can 6 at once, which will be an important feature when modern fox 3 missiles will come

  1. Aim-54C wrong engine, thrust, burn time, guidance stats, G overload, and wrong engine that would be a smokeless engine
    aim-54 forum on War Thunder told all aim-54 incoherences that are telling the missile needs to be better than are game, go check: The AIM-54 Phoenix missile - Technology, History and Performance - #965 by SE_8749236

  2. AIM-7P/MH in-game
    Aim-7p/mh fórum: Do you want the aim-7M and aim-7MH in game until the end of the year, vote here - #27 by malucobeleza171
    In my opinion, the R-27er is the most practical missile in the game, i will not say it is the best because you can win with aim-54 tactics, but the actual state of aim-54c is hard to use due to the things that I told you, the aim-7M have some bugs, but if fixed will not be in parallel with Russian one. The missiles that are more comparable with R-27ER are the AIM-7P block I/II and AIM-7MH which have data links and ins, which give more range to the missile like the R-27ER.

-More acceleration due to engine thrust
-More Maneuverability
-ins and datalink
Planes: Flanker Family, Mikoyan Family, Yak-141

AIM-7P block I/II AIM-7MH
-more burn time sustainment
-more guidance time battery
-ins datalink
-BONUS: still some sources say the Aim-7P block II had sarh and ir guidance

  • F/A-18 A/B/C/D/E/F, F-14B/D
    -Aim-7MH F-15, F-16

4- monopulse seeker in the modern missiles
Basic introduction
Apud @user-if4zv5nj5m apud youtube:

“Monopulse radar emits a differently polarized signal in different areas of its beam (I.e. vertically polarized in the left half and horizontally- in the right). When you compare the strength of two polarized returns you can accurately calculate in which part of a radar beam the target is” @user-if4zv5nj5m

“Also monopulse scanning reduces the strength of ground returns because ground randomly de-polarises return signal, thus, weakening its correctly polarized strength. The British tested aim7e2 they got with the phantoms and stated that pulse-guided aim7e2 could miss their target up to 40 meters, with medium dispersion of 15 meters (that’s because it is guided by measuring signal’s strength on its sides, which is small in case of pulse guidance), and when they replaced seeker head with monopulse one (thus creating a sky flash), medium dispersion dropped to 3 meters” @user-if4zv5nj5m

The monopulse seeker basically can hit low-flying targets.
This will drastically change the top tier because will force the opponent to do more unpredictable tactics than only flying low to the ground to battle.
Why the monopulse seeker must be in-game and how must be implemented

Along with more patches, more modern stuff come
Imagine the game dont have monopulse seeker in the game because the old stuff does not have one. Let’s imagine a kinda situation in a possible future that which the meteor missile or Amrram will be added in the game but does not have monopulse, because will drastically nerf the missiles that dont have it, the map is small, and the game meta.

The game meta every year is changing, the possible things that the game should need to change are the “all team fly low kinda situation” to the addition of monopulse and meta battle will have more variety, not the same stuff that are right now

More modern stuff has been added, the possible 13.3 is not too far. do will be the same as a meta that all will fly low to avoid radar missiles until there ?

4.2 for the addition of monopulse seeker the changes must be: More possible farther maps, new BR adjust, the battle in the match not more only concentrate in the middle of the map with more points of battles in the normal Air Realistic battle game

4.3 missiles with monopulse (11.3-12.3 br):
Super R530D, Aim-7M/MH/P, R-27R/ER, Skyflash Super Temp/Dogfight, áspide mk 1,

Missiles that dont have monopulse (11.3-12.3)
Aim-7E/E-2/F, super R 530F, R-23R, R-24R

What will change

Missiles that have monopulse seekers will gain more precision guidance and low-hit-level target ability.
Missiles that dont have monopulse will stay like are right now

suggestion and your opinions open for comments

  • I would like the part 1 changes
  • I would like the part 2 changes
  • I would like the part 3 changes
  • I would like the part 4 changes
  • i would like all changes proposed

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