The AIM-54 Phoenix missile - Technology, History and Performance

It’s supposed to loft and reach closer to mach 6 depending on launch velocity.


i will tell it not can evade because it cannot evade, to guide the r-27er it needs to fly towards Phoenix to a locked plane, the rwr most of the time is saturated that it cannot deal with multiple side things and most of the players dont give attention to the boring sound, it will fly for a long time towards that will be hard to evade if you try to evade the phoenix in last time when it comes towards you, it may hit you if you fire at an incoming distance in the correct burn time of the collision because the r-27er guy is more focused in attack instead defend itself, and it may hit, there is a correct moment to guide and abandon the missile, I would like to know the real acceleration of the Phoenix that you can put on space-time function of variation of speed:
S=(a*t^2)/2 of the missile and the plane, sum the 2 things you know the distance that you can fire the missile in time of the collision in the burn time, ok that equation is for toward line, but is an estimative.
I tried between 35-30km and the calculus for some reason got in some cases when the missile was incoming in the target that was accelerating towards
but i agree, the missile must be fixed until 90 fox 3

i agree with you some times does not track, once again the missile needs to be remodeled
what must need to change:
1.the TWS bouncing that change automatic the target (may the reason why does not track when you launch)
2.incorrect trust and burn time
3.smokeless engine for aim-54C
4.correct loft
5.correct overload g turn

pls. can you pass for me the real-life sources of smokeless engine for aim-54A/C
correct loft
correct overload g turn
and the correct burn time and thrust?

but in the video the r-27er are incoming at 1350 m/s and aim-54a at 1230m/s in the comparation?, strange

Just want to vote in the forum XD

You don’t need to fly towards phoenix, you can put target on the edge of your radar gimbal and it will still work. Also, we haven’t begun discussing data link yet. Example of stealth kill + no need to fly towards phoenix. Although this isn’t fighting against phoenix, but it is similar idea.

It was already posted in this thread, long time ago. Including speed over time profile.

in any way you can see the missile incoming on tws of f14, if you fly in other direction very fast, you can escape from r-27er.
it takes a lot of time to relock and evade from phoenix at same time.
but the rear aspect shot of r-27er is impressive in certain way

real pls

i could record some aim-54 track bugs

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There’s so many bugs with this plane.

A gigantic one is the fact that your radar resets - and so you lose all targets that you were tracking including any aim54 launched - when you use the free look key and releases it. How is that not fixed yet?!!

This doesnt happen once in a while, it is always reproducible.

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Almost like the F-14B sensor package and weapons are not finished… and I doubt they ever will be at this point.


Yes you can see missile fired and flying roughly toards you, but you won’t get warning, so it will be a big question mark on whether it is targeting you; furthermore, if F-14 evade, the missile can be redirected to attack some random guy on the deck with fairly high chance of a kill since ground hugging all the way to engagement is very tiresome and most players don’t do that.

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my forum question i made by this forum something
from here forum, propose some changes that are here in this forum, go check.
if you support this changes go there and give your feedback

Now would be a really nice time to model in the missing performance and tracking of the Aim-54C and the radar precision and strength of the AWG-9. Then perhaps the F-14B with its enormous CM count can compete with the big dogs at 12.7 where it belongs against flankers.

Get more diversity at top tier and people would start flying the Tomcat again. Doing so would free up the bandwidth to actually model the Su27 radar too and let them both go head-to-head as designed.

@k_stepanovich great job on the sparrow update. I think was implemented perfectly for the F-15A.

What sparrow update?

The Sparrow was updated 12.29.2023

Target acquisition from pulse-doppler velocity search mode - SRC PDV HDN was fixed.

  • Flight time for the AIM-7F/M, R530F/D, Sky flash Temp and PF10 missiles has been increased after losing their target, so they will now have more time to re-acquire the target before they self-destruct.

Ok, did you saw the new road map? They must need to put the Phoenix missile changes of this topic, why do not do a suggestion poll to implement?

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Because the second you try to make anything better about this game publicly, a million dudes come out derailing the point just looking for reasons to talk about themselves or how they know everything because they found an open source on the internet that they can’t even interpret correctly.

The devs are aware of the current lack of performance with weapons and radars such as these. There is a plan to implement the missile and the tomcats radar performance when they feel time is right.

Even the flanker’s radar is not modeled for a reason. It’s purely out competitive balance at moment since a lot of the other nations do not have the radar capability and weapon range to really compete with the USSR and US heavy strategic fighters yet.

I am very certain the tomcat will get the update it needs within 2 business quarters without any community action.

Oh my bad I didn’t see your road map. Checking it out now!

Will vote. Looks awesome. I think devs love seeing this feedback more than anything.

The only thing I say is don’t be discouraged as it takes time. This is really good suggestions.

I think 2. Has the most action over of getting implemented first.