Change of aircraft armament in the midst of battle without having to leave the aircraft

I think the armament of the aircraft should be able to be changed on landing and not only being intact and leaving the plane, otherwise with a new mechanic that allows to change the armament or the fuel load as at the beginning of the game, in exchange for more resupply time or similar.

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At first I was like, you were asking to change loadouts in mid-flight and I was, “that isn’t how that works”. lol.
But I see what you mean and yeah, the way it is now is cludgy and unintuitive, like its a secrut hack or something. Should be an option that comes up. during the repair/reload cooldown.

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Post it here

I think this would be great! I’d love this


What mode are you talking about? You can already do this in Air RB. You land and J out and you can change loadout and everything at the airfield. If you are talking about Ground RB, you can’t change your loadout because it could have a different SP than the one you currecntly have. They treat it as a ground vehicle in that way, where you cannot change armament/ammo unless you get charged those SP again.

Wait seriously??? I had heard about this but no one ever explained how to do it

Yeah, I agree, would also like to see required Taxi to Runway, and watch chaos ensue. It’s possible already in game, but I would Like to be able to land and not have to leave the aircraft to change my armament.

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Land, repair, j out, in the interface change your loadout, then respawn.

Surprised no-one actually would’ve let on about that first off rather than saying the system is a problem.

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Hmm okay. I’ll have to try it out next time I play

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yes but this way feels like a cheat or a exploit, and you only can j and respawn when you dont have any damage

If only the game had a bombing tutorial mission…

It is a well known game mechanic since forever. It is only an “exploit” if you abuse it to dodge enemy planes.

Considering you are already landed, you should already be repairing which wont take long. If you have a repair that is too long, you are certainly not in a position to take off.

If only there was a way for you to repair when parked on an airfield…

The OP’s point is that there should be an option that explicitly comes up that gives you the option to change loadout and fuel etc, and not that you have to know the secret handshake of how to do it.

It should be added to the plane tutorial, if it isnt already. But i dont see the need to have some ui element pop up everytime i land.

They need to add controllable front wheel for that. At the moment you can only turn using the rudder

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