Change Airfield AAA in Air RB

I think most players who have played Air RB knows about an exploit that extents the duration of the game past its natural life. The art of flying above your airbase…

If the aim of playing Air RB is to shoot down other enemy planes, destroy or capture enemy objectives, then the aim of flying over your airfield is to ruin the experience of all other players in the lobby.

The issue and scenario I am focused on is when on team have gained a great advantage and almost won the game and when the other team consist of only one guy, who is unwilling to engage in combat and is resorting to running and “hiding” over his Airfield, behind its AAA.

I propose that a regulation to airfield AAA should be put in place. The aim is to remove this exploit that consequently harbours this anti player/game experience.

What would it do: Eliminate 12+ minutes of one team chasing one guy down who inevitably runs behind his airfield AAA and stays there until 12+ minutes later, when the match ends. Wasting everyone’s time.

Solution: shutdown all Airfield AAA for both teams when one or the other team, has lost a significant amount of its players, giving ample opportunity for either side to fight one another, this way discouraging running and “hiding” in low altitude above either side’s airfield and hopefully encouraging players engaging in combat., when other options will be more futile.

I realize that other issue are also prevalent within Air RB, such as Space climbing. To anyone who is frustrated with that issue, I share your sentiment, but this obviously will not help to eliminate or even diminish that issue, in the worst case more players might just resort to doing that, when other options will no longer be available to them. I still hold however that this proposed solution, will give better options and opportunities for the players themselves to go after those who would try to damage the experience of all the other players in the match.


Just disable all AF AA after 15 minutes game time.

This leaves plenty of time for bombers/attackers to re-arm (why AF AA was implemented) and leaves no space for people abusing the crap out of it in end game just to troll.


Please don’t, how else will I be able to ground pound if enemy player can’t camp in his airfield?


You do realize you make bank knocking tickets off and how else can anyone get altitude when its say 4 vs 1 at end? People cry to much about campers when its usually they want to kill that guy that shot down 6 players while he is landed


I am not making that case, so i dont know why you make it sound like that? But i will address it non the less. If the last guy would just land on his own teams big airfield (the one with the best AAA) then he could wait 1 minute or so, and the game would consider him inactive making him lose the battle but survive… But they rarely do that, right?

Yeah that is part of the issue lmao

I understand it can be frustrating when someone camps their AF but sometimes they want to come out in a fair fight and when you are above them with so much energy coming out = instant death most of the time. and the thing is they can’t land otherwise you just strafe them on the ground. because aaa mostly wont prevent that.

if you fly away from their AF and let them come out naturally in 2 mins they will often fight you. if you camp above them they will sit in their bubble as they should do.

a mid air retreat option where these planes could fly to the edge of the map and not respawn would be nice. if they want to leave. let them leave and not respawn. games ends, they didn’t die. win win.

personally i love it when people camp because if you didn’t know you get loads of RP for being in the game a long time. it’s stupid but a kill gets you like 250RP 10 mins of gameplay gets you 2000RP if a loss and close to 3000 for a win! I know it’s boring and retarded but in terms of grinding flying around for 10 mins is actually an efficient way to grind.

i hope they change this sometime because getting 5 kills and the match ending in 5 mins gets you like no RP which is very frustrating


It was a fair fight when everyone took off at the start of the match. If they got outplayed and the enemy player got the advantage, then too bad. It’s silly to want “a fair fight” when you already had that and lost that fight to the point where you feel the need to camp an OP AI game mechanic. Just take the L, learn from it, and move on.

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Another solution could be having a zone around the af. If they have only 1 players left and they are in that zone for X amount of time, light ground units spawn for their team. This would allow even clean wing fighters to ground pound and drain the remaining tickets.

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valid points, but I still believe changes has to happend to the airfield AAA

That is a very interesting idea

I feel like it is a better option that prevents the whole team from hovering around the enemy af and have something else to do. And there are times were the last guy actually wants to fight and this could help give them a chance to still fight. Turning off af aa would ruin that chance for the ones that want to try to pull off a win.

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Most players should know that you get RP for game duration and lots of points for attacking the ground targets and this is more easily accomplished while your team has won air superiority (ie; the other team is reducing to “camping”).
Player should also know that if they don’t want to do that, they can land and j-out and be on their way to another game where they can get their pew on.
This is a very dead horse you are beating.

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Will they not have to pay for repair costs then? Also the other team does not “have to” resort to camping just because the other team has gained air supiriority. Imma turn what you said on its head and propose that the enemy has more reason (if measures were made, that did not allow them to camp over their own airfield) to land on their airfield, J-out or wait until the game considers them inactive and finnishes the match.

It does not really seam fair that the players remaining on the team that has gained supstantial advantage over the other, should be the ones to J-out if they dont want to waste their time because of one lone guy holding way too much artificial bargaining power over the last duration of the match.

Really? If you don’t even know this, maybe you shouldn’t be whining about the game mechanics.
No hun, everything isn’t about you. There are other players who are playing in different modes and who play to the actual mission/the grind and aren’t just trying to rack up kills. There are much better games than WT for that BTW.

I swear I always get the worst AA yet the masses get the OP AA, For just before the update I wanted to land then leave for it was one v seven match I wasn’t winning yet trying to land was impossible due to six of the enemy aviators over the runway with the AA doing nothing but having a workers union strike.

That isn’t just a one off I’ve had similar countless times at different BR’s from 6.0 - 11.3 & no it isn’t just to simple camping 90% of matches it’s more naturally making it back to runways late game with little fuel or no ammunition ntm I often find the other camping type the most for quite often I find the enemy camping friendly runways so they may do nothing all game but only pounce once the other team makes for landing.

I still think there shouldn’t be a need to disable the AA although I do think players should be able to spawn SPAAG/SAM’s into ARB matches, If we can spawn aircraft in GF why not the opposite for AF, & if a player is camping in an aircraft along a runway (staying more then 3 minutes) the AA player can simply not defend the pilots & let the other team fly overhead.

Still if someone is camping a runway it’s often a boon to the other team for easy farming of AI targets for nearly every static AI can be destroyed by a quick burst of 12.7 mm plus weaponry leading others to a +20k rp match just from strafing AI over shadowing an enemy airfield.

Targets susceptible to 12.7 mm - 37 mm weaponry: AA, Arty, Trucks, SPAAG’s, APC’s, Light/ Medium & some heavy tanks, PT boats, Fireships, Merchant Ships, Light Pillies meanwhile heavy pillies (only need even small bombs for these), most heavy tanks, destroyers onwards need bombs & rockets.

It always seems that way. Cant say the number of times were my af aa did nothing while alsome dude and going around buzzing our af for 30+ sec while their af opens up the second I get within like 4km.

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Ok that is very interesting, but could you address all the rest i said in that comment? lol

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