Change Airfield AAA in Air RB

Can we consider a scenario where seeking refuge at the aerodrome is not merely an act of cowardice or bad faith, but a valid strategy. I mean when the ticket scoreboard is significantly in your favor, thanks to the outstanding efforts of your fallen comrades. In this context, extending the game until the final result is reached could be the key to a well-deserved victory.

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A better solution would be just changing how AAA plays.
2 solutions I wouldn’t mind are Warning shots first without detonation, when you get closer it starts firing at you with primary guns such as different types of anti-air cannons but as you get closer than it 20 mm, 12.7, 40mm Bofors and other randomized calibers.

This could make more people eager to fly in but at the same time may also trick their minds into not attempting it.

Don’t make me call your mom.

Or you could just stick to topic… short attention span?

Take you own advice?

If you look around, there a dozen other threads here with the same selfish whine about Airfield AA as yours.

I like the cut of your jib, your post was good and had some nice suggestions unlike these meta slaves who want surviving people to 1v5 in a cl13b vs a5c f5c f5c f5c f5c