Challenger DS may need L26 APFSDS ammunation :(

I agree.

we need Ajax, not a indian T-90 especially she has no 3BM60

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they just want money lol

definitely wouldve been a welcome addition.

youre probably right since its a sqaudron vehicle that you can buy with golden eagles and i mean its a T-90 so a lot of noobs will jump on it because “Its a T-90!!”.

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Yeah, it was a “how can we buff the British tree without fixing the British tree” and just threw a Soviet tank onto it

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That’s the bad thing about War Thunder, it has established fixed parameters to create the Br of the tanks and because of that it leaves tanks in Br meaningless and with ammunition that they should not carry, for example the Challenger DS, the Magach 3 ERA , the three models of T-54 and Tiran 4, and so you could see a few more. What should have been done is to give the tanks their real armor (most of the modern Soviet ones are not correct), then give the tanks the ammunition they used correctly, if the Challenger DS is from the Gulf War, then it must have the ammunition they used in the Gulf War, if the Magach 3 ERA is from 1982 it has to use the Israeli ammunition from 1982 If the T-54 are from 1947, 1949 and 1951, then they must use the ammunition from those periods, and once done give them the Br that they should have, and if there are gaps they are filled with other models, for example in the gap that would leave the T-54, the T-54A could be put, which apart from the APCBC could use the HEAT-FS, then remove the APDS-FS from the T-55A, and add the T-55A from 1981 giving it the APDS-FS.

Personally, I think that the fun of this game is being able to get several vehicles in the same game, but to be able to get them there has to be as many vehicles as possible and that they have the correct Br so that you can enjoy them all in the game and not You feel that when you take out the second tank you will not have any chance.
The issue of the Br is also closely linked to the effectiveness of the bullets, so it would also be something that should be reviewed, what good is a bullet that pierces a lot if later you need 4 or 5 shots to kill someone? The Br model Damage must be corrected so that the fighting is fairer and finally separate the WW2 tanks from the post-war tanks, because let’s be serious, those post-war tanks are in that Br simply because of the HEAT-FS, how do they do so much damage? They cannot have a higher Br, so increasing the damage to the HEAT-FS (and practically all non-APHE ammunition) would be the definitive fix to make a fairer and better balanced game.
Then we would also have to solve the issue of the bullets that do not penetrate due to the bad implementation of the volumetric bullets, implementing them badly has been one of the biggest errors that they have been able to make in the game, since the only thing that has been generated is, As a good thing, you can’t kill people by shooting them in a scope and things like that, but as a bad thing, it has made that when there are several layers of armor that come together, the bullets stop without penetrating, as in the skirts of the Tiger 1 and 2 for For example, or that even 300mm penetrating bullets stop on sides of 10mm armor at almost 0º, which would be completely impossible, and the problem is that it happens very often, you could almost take a screenshot in each game.
Finally, something that the game would have to correct would be the penetration calculator, for years there have been players who have created calculators for penetrations that are much more realistic than the one used in the game, as an example is the well-known case that the The American 90mm cannon should be able to penetrate the Panther in the hull front, while in the game it cannot. The penetrations of the APCR also fail, as they bounce too much and do no damage, making them the most useless bullets in the game along with the HESH. For all that, the calculator would have to be changed to a more correct one.

Well, with everything this way we would have the game fixed, although I think they are not going to listen to me, it would be nice if some developer could take note of these things and together we could make a better game, more balanced, fairer and more fun to play.

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I mean how many soviet squadron tanks do they want to throw into other nations? XD First Sweden now Bririan. Whos next, France? XD

Id not be surprised if all nations get them eventually

Good news: NATO have some new tanks for CQB map.
Bad news: Kornet dont care though

Because its legal cheat, lol. Feautres like Automatic lead (and then its future version) were used in T-64. But do you really wanna basically autoaim in kinda 3rd person tank-shooter?

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i think we could have it in the future… but not now.
and NATO tanks will go to higher BR with it

someone has said we couldnt have laser-rangefinder long time ago, but we get that now right?>

I Still dont understand why the Chally DS doesnt have L26.

Give it the add on armour, L26 and move it to 10.3 with the other mk.3 chally.


Cant speak to the ammo but I suspect its all tided up to the lack of the addon armour. That being without the shell and armour it could have a lower rating. Also they were specifically modelling this tank (hence the lack of armour kit);

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However, I did post a topic on the old forum with evidence that all challengers that took part in Desert Storm carried L26.

I’d still be happy for it to go up to 10.3 with L26 and no additional armour, as that would be correct as per sources and your image.

L23A1 just doesn’t cut it with the tanks it faces. Too many ‘non pen’ and ricochet.

Could always make the add on on armour a reverse vis mod, taking away the sandbags & stencils, and making it like the TT Mk.3.

A similar way in which the M1KVT works. Making it a standard M1 when you remove the vis mod.

On the grounds that at that BR, you are probably running a Lynx/Jaguar Gr1A for CAS, both 10.3, The Stormer at 10.3 and probably when you get it, something like the Mk3 anyway. I reckon for most you are probably going to be running the Chally DS in a 10.3 line up, I know I would. So it being 10.0 is semi-irrelevant a lot of the time, but it would be nice for it at minimum to have the L26 shell appropriate for that.

I get why when it was added their desire to keep it at the lower BR, but I just dont feel that is necessary anymore and it probably is about time to restore it

İ seriously dont understand why Chally Ds hasnt recieved L26 and Type-16 Fps didnt recieved Type-93 shell.

Both tanks are practically same vehicles you can find on tech tree yet Gaijin hold them off with silly Logic.

Just look at Wolfpack, its basically tech tree version of M1128 and also recieved M900 in exchange of Br increase.

Same Logic should apply to those tanks as well.

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Well it not Russian i guess? if those are Russians they get 3BM42 by now

İts not just Russians, M1128 Wolfpack also got the same treatment.

İt recieved M900 and got br increased, all we are asking is the same for our Chally DS and Type-16FPS but for some reason Gaijin is refusing to do that.

The whole idea behind prems was to bolster lineups and with these all at 10.3 there is no reason to not give it this ammo and put it at 10.3

They literally don’t play their own game or come up with lies or fake crap, I mean they literally just said the FGR2 phantom is fine at 11.3 “without” its aim 9Ls.

Yeah, the T-90 originally planned at 10.7 kinda proved the fact that they decided to add it without even looking at the TT.