Challenger DS may need L26 APFSDS ammunation :(

I think Challenger DS need L26 APFSDS ammunation.

More and more evidence indicates that during Operation Desert Storm (also known as Operation Granby), the Challenger Mk 3 DS main battle tank was equipped with the L26 APFSDS. However, I couldn’t find this ammunition type in the Challenger Mk 3 DS tank in the game, which is frustrating for British players.

For players who want to play with British tanks, purchasing the Challenger DS pack is almost the only choice, but the fact that this vehicle, as an Mk 3 tank, lacks a potent main round makes this bundle almost unappealing to buy. I hope that Gaijin can promptly add the L26 main ammunition to the Challenger DS in future updates to counter the significant threat posed by T-72AV, even if it means increasing the Challenger DS’s Battle Rating to 10.3.

Moreover, strictly speaking, the Challenger Mk 2 also had the L26 ammunition before its upgrade to the Mk 3, during a very short time.

I believe that Gaijin should consider the feelings of British players more and at least make the DS pack worth purchasing.


Moreover, with the new BR (Battle Rating) system, tanks with a BR of 9.0 no longer face opponents like the Leopard 2. Additionally, the Challenger Mk 3, equipped with additional armor, has been moved to a BR of 10.3. Why can’t the Challenger DS, after receiving the L26 ammunition, also be placed at 10.3? I believe this would not significantly affect the balance issue. Furthermore, it is well-known that the Challenger series has the worst protection and mobility in the game. Even the South African TTD (BR 10.0) in the tech tree has better ammunition options while having some level of protection. Therefore, it is essential to urgently improve the armor penetration capability of the Challenger DS to enhance the experience for Challenger players. Even if it means encountering opponents like the M1A1AIM or T80UK, the lack of such improvement deprives British tank players of experiencing the “balanced battles” that Gaijin has promised.


410 at 10.0 is maybe not the best but it is quite enough. all german tanks at that br have less pen than 410 on their top round except the kfpz which has a gun launched ATGM

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Don’t we all. Will only ever be wishful thinking unfortunately unless bought by a Western company.

Challenger is a lot heavier and slower than all German tanks.
The armour also defies the laws of physics, being the heaviest of MBTs but still having lacklustre survivability.


Challenger DS is a 10.0 BR tank. German have TAM 2C (with better TVD and DM63-430mm), Leo 2K Leo 2AV (both with DM23-410mm ) and PT-16-14(with DM33-408mm). And German APFSDS have more piercing, which british ammunation dont have. german tanks have better armor and motor drives them to be a better killer. And Challenger DS have nothing to compare with german tanks. (sad

And also check about M1128, Ariete, T72AV and ZTZ96A, youll be shocked

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Even being hit from the front by an Sdkfz234 can result in the tank being obliterated. XD

I think, Gaijin must do something to improve British Game Experience.And We, as players, should also make sure to let Gaijin know what kind of situation British tank players are suffering…

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The survivability issue is inherent with all armour since three years ago but yes the challenger does seem a bit less armoured.
IDK about the turret front tho. it should be impenetrable from what I know.
But the armour is useless anyway.
With the big LFP and crew layout.
Its ‘indestructible’ status from the Middle eastern wars is kinda bloated since it only fought older tanks and not modern ammunition


kontakt 1 was very ineffective against KE since its main role was against shaped charge jets (CE)

sorry forgot about the tam 2c as ive dropped that line, but as for armour only the leo 2a5 and 2a6 have good armour. everything else is merely lower pen and just more mobility. (less than 410mm of pen)
there are different ways to make tanks or really any vehicle work. and ive had to learn the hard way for harder vehicles
also we pretty much know by now the russian bias machine broski

edit: the new t72m1 is ok in terms of armour but its a russian tank so yeah

It’s funny how people give this criticism to Challengers but not Abrams or other tanks.

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not really. the subject of the discussion was the challie, if it was the m1 or the leo (arguably which HAS been taken out by comparable vehicles) then i woudlve brought that up aswell


Actually during the Operation, No one Challenger was destoried by enmies, but Abrams was destoried a little more. So its hard to say challenger is trash facing new tanks and their ammunations


thats kinda countering what you are trying to say here in the original post.
what i meant was that t54/55 and t62/64 arent exactly on par with the good ol’ challie and hence its extraordinary survivability image

yes its ture, you’re right. what I tried to explain is--------Challenger have high survival ability in real life. But in our game Challenger is lack of survival ability. and in order to make Charllenger more competitive in game we should equip it with a better ammunation called L26. thats it :D

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Or they could just fix the armour on the Challengers. Revolutionary idea.


Any increase in capability of the initial challenger ds will increase its br.
As it stands, the l26 will be a bit that will prolly raise it up to 10.7 and you will NOT like that trust me.
Soviet and Russian CAS is even stronger there

just look at M1128 and challenger mk3, I m doubting that why challenger mk3(10.3) have L26 but challenger DS have no L26, and you know Challenger DS is a challenger MK 3 tank which join the Operation Granby

And more and more evidence indicates that during Operation Desert Storm (also known as Operation Granby), the Challenger Mk 3 DS main battle tank was equipped with the L26 APFSDS.

thats why Im here to try to notice gaijin make Challenger DS equip L26 APFSDS.

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From my point of view, Gaijin will hardly improve the armor of Challenger series. the reason they will give is NO EVIDENCE.

But for this ammunation L26., so-called evidence is everywhere, you could find many articles proving L26 is exactly join the Operation Granby, but gaijin still did nothing, thats why im disappointed about them

Gaijin said ‘‘ammunation is one of balance’’.

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