Challenger 3 (Technology Demonstrator) discussion

Nah it’s important. Fully with you on this.

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Hehe, yay!

Indeed, visuals are still important in a way, when it comes to “feeling” like each vehicle is the vehicle it’s meant to depict indeed.

So the higher the accuracy, the better!

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That’s the massive problem with these sorts of newer/prototype vehicles though…

It’s harder to stick historical decals on them!

Guys, I am curious:

Does anyone have any sources regarding Challenger 2-3P’s armor?

520mm KE (which somehow ingame is more like 500-540 depending on whether it’s the right or left side and the specific variant) seems kinda low, but I have no sources to back this up.

Are these values actually correct, or is a bug report in order?

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It’s a tech demonstrator it’s CR3 parts strapped to a CR2 hull and turret for demonstrative purposes and advertisement. It’s not even a prototype as the prototype hasn’t actually been revealed yet

Could try reading through all the comments in


been a lot of discussions regarding the CR2s armour, might have the info you are looking for

I know, that’s why I was asking about CR2’s armor, since this tank’s is the same

(Well, the turret has higher angles on the cheeks, both horizontally and vertically, so that should make it more effective even if sharing materials and general scheme)

(At least once they fix it. Right now it has a copy-pasted CR2’s armor model that doesn’t correspond the 3D model.)

Interesting, thanks!

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I mean it’s a basically 30yr old design that’s had no changes to the internal armour array in general. CR2 is solely reliant on external packages because all the room for internal armour was exhausted and any change would require a redesign.

This tank is being renamed, most likely to the correct tech demonstrator designation


Is it? Not seen that. That’s good news.


Good to see them fixing Cr3 at least in some parts

Maybe this means they will change the weight too.


they already said that would be fixed in a later update

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Yes, i thought i already posted it here, but i did not. Weird,

Challenger 3 weight fixed. I presume it will go down to the 62,5, but i can never be sure what shenanigans will happen


@DevilO6 @Fireball_2020 @Gunjob Very good well done on this


Trust me, all i did was use one video. BAE is yet to write to me. I dread the day they will.

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Cant also forget the true GOAT here, the @Gunjob who is doing gods work.