Challenger 3 (Technology Demonstrator) discussion

A topic to discuss the Challenger 3 (Technology Demonstrator) on the dev server of update “Air Superiority”


There seems to be confusion on its armor. To my understanding its a Chally 2 with a L55 and better electronics/sights right?

Since the real chally 3 is in production/RD

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Yes, that is correct (it is L55a1) . But Gaijin increased its weight to match the estimated weight of the True Challenger 3 prototype. Im waiting for an answear, and if i wont get it, tomorrow 18 GMT i will make a bug report about it


Sounds like theyre a bit crossed on the weight. That new 1500hp engine already helps a ton watching the dev stream, if it gets even faster ill grind Britain

Wait, so is it the proper Chally 3 or just a misnamed Chally 2 CLIP? I’m not very familiar with the Chally 3.

The one we have is a Challenger 2 LEP, that was later renamed to the Challenger 3 and it was its Technology Demonstrator. Prototype was supposed/will come by the end of the year

CLIP was a situation where they put the normal L55 into the normal Cr2 turret and removed some of the turret interior to fit 6 120mm NATO shells

The (P) afaik is just a 2, whatever theyre newest one is, is that a CLIP? With an L55A1. The Production Model Chally 3 is still in RD/finalization due to British slowness

It is a LEP

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Thank you Sir. I honestly find british nomenclature very confusing lol. Dont even get me started on their Aircraft and their obsession with "Mk. "

Trust me, it took me a while to comprehend all this too

How about some WWII tanks being x Mk y and some just being x y lol

I just realised Challenger 3 (P)'s visual model does not fit the armor model.

The armor model is copy-pasted from Challenger 2; however, Challenger 3 (P)'s visual model is far more angled sideways and backwards.

I hope this is a placeholder thing, although the “identical turret to Challenger 2” statement in the Dev Blog makes me a bit pessimistic.

Expect it to change, but you can make a bug report on it if you want to make sure

Hehehe. We like our confusing naming schemes :P because: The Gr1, Gr1 and Gr1 are 3 different aircraft and it is fun to have to deal with in convo :P

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u sure it will come end of this year? there realy isnt much left…

probably exists, the turret internals were completed in august just no public showing yet

Made it

Missing armor around ammo storage

Wrong weight


The easy way of spotting CLIP is that the smooth bore gun uses the same barrel sleeve as the L30A1 gun (as it and the L/55 have the same dimensions. At this point you can think of CLIP as a ~2005 proof-of-concept for mounting the L/55 in a CR2 turret.


Excellent, thank you!