Challenger 3 (TD) should have a 5 second reload [Poll]

  • Yes, reduce its reload to 5 seconds
  • No, keep its reload at 6 seconds
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As of now, all Challenger 2s have a 5 second reload, while Challenger 3 (TD) has a 6 second reload.

In my opinion, this makes Challenger 3 (TD) feel more like a sidegrade than an actual upgrade compared to Black Night or, for example, Challenger 2E.

Yes, the higher pen is a nice upgrade; but the lower rate of fire is an equally bad downgrade, not to mention the lack of turret spall liners compared to the CR2s.

In order for Challenger 3 (TD) to feel like an actual upgrade, it should receive the same 5 second reload all Challenger 2s and Abrams tanks have.


it will anger the Germans but reload is just a balance feature for them


It should be lowered to match the Challenger 2 reload. Would make it a reasonable choice over tanks like the BN which have better protection and better fire rate.


So…Everybody gets 5 second reload now? Challenger 2 reload was already a meme (there no way to reload 2-parts ammo faster than a single cartridge). Meanwhile Merkavas and Arietes are still stuck with 6s on a worse chassis+turret.

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3 part and it can


If the loader holds the sabot all the time, of course, the reload matches those of a single cartridge. Starting from zero, the loader is forced to perform 3 movements: first loading the sabot, second the powder charges and finally closing the breach.

Since the sabot+charges, individually, weight less than a standard cartrigde (~21kg); i guess the loader can move them a bit faster. Still, on IRL combat conditions, Abrams/Leopard should be -on average-faster because of the simplicity of the movement.

TLDR: British loaders require more skill to reach high firerates.

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So… like how you can only get 5 seconds reloads with ACE crew?


thats the thing, because the sabot is not combustible he can lap load all he wants. an abrams/leopard loader cant do the same and can only pickup the round when theyre going to load the round in the breech.

that being sayd the reload of leopards irl is a lot shorter but here in game is a balance stat.


Would be cool, but it probably wont be changed, as they use reload on non autoloaders as ballancing factor.

Even if that were the case, this would further reinforce the ingame reload.

Since Challenger 2 has no blowout panel ammoracks, there’s nothing stopping the loader from lap-loading.

Even as balancing factor, as I said.

Challenger 3 (TD) isn’t even remotely close to Leopard 2A7V, for example; it’s closer th Challenger 2E.

In fact, it’s just Challenger 2E with more pen and worse reload as of now.

With the same 5 second reload every Abrams and CR2 now has, it would at least feel more like the upgrade it’s suppossed to feel!

Not quite like that. Sabot has no exlosive in it so loader can thow it around if he wishes to. Charges are filled with them so they are kept in the bins with lids locked. On the video morv posted you can see the loader first unlocks the cap and then takes out the charge.
Those bins can survive quite a punch
image image

for example a explosion of the ammo inside of the tank, while keeping the charges inside safe.


and less protection with no turret spall liner and in comparison to the Leos, a fraction of the armour

3 part* you forgot this one magic thing called a tube vent electric, specifically the L4A2



That’s my point, yep.

Nothing stops the loader from lap-loading the SABOT, which justifies it loading as fast.


Ah, true, I forgot about the lack of turret spall liners!

Yet another downgrade compared to the CR2s, and yet more reason for 3TD to have the 5 second reload.


So yeah, the choice for 11.7 for Britain MBT

Challenger BN:


  • “armour”
  • 5 second reload
  • Best thermals
  • APS


  • Slower
  • L27A1

Challenger 2E

  • “armour”
  • 5 second reload
  • Better Engines


  • L27A1

Challenger 3 TD


  • DM53
  • “Better Engines”


  • No turret spall liner
  • Worse armour
  • No Roof MG
  • Slower reload rate

and that gets coned by transmission

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