Challenger 2 needs to be brought to developers attention

Ill record a comparison ina bit.


Why are they upgrading to Challenger 3 then when many of the upgrades to the Challenger 2 were around mobility and FCS. But now it would seem the major difference is the choice of gun?

I always heard that mobility was the biggest issue for the CR2 but surely if its 1500hp it can’t be that deficient.

I think Rheinmetall’s favour for the Challenger as a choice of testing vehicle has been a subtle way of them trying to market to the UK. They trialled it with the 120mm and then with the 130 which I know was because the turret is wider and thus there is enough space for the 130 which was trickier for other western MBT’s but still.


when zoomed in yes. it has the longest zoom of all challies so you “see it more”

OES gets a .50. on the blog at least
12.7 2
7.62 2

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Also gets a spaced plates on the turret NERA, increasing CE protection (Never seen that anywhere)

It also sounds different

Keeps the old Barracuda or Catherine
same engine

It sparks my hope for a L28

Surely it’s DOA unless they actually fix the other issues on the tank?

The only thing that raises my faith levels that it will not be riddled with issues above absolute zero is that it’s a premium.

If it doesn’t get an engine upgrade, it will have exactly the same god awful gearing they inflicted on the ch2 so will still move like an arthritic slug.


L28 will perform no differently to L27 it’s just a tungsten round instead of DU

it doesn’t sadly

It has a chance to have more pen. It should have so if the gun velocity is higher, but snail might be just HaaaaaH take it

:/ sad

Then it’s dead on arrival as it’s a heavier TES as gaijin refuse to actually address the ch2s god awful gearing implementation.


Weren’t the spaced armor plates on the Megatron demonstrator? (Or was that meant sarcastically XD)

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isn’t the OES also called Megatron

Yes but no. Megatron evolved from OES. It is still Dorchester 2H, not 2I on OES

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Watch Gajin pull a funny and give us Clip II with 6 rounds as tech tree

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Megatron is the one that got the 1500HP engine on it at Bovington

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Gunjob calling for us

Well i don’t know what else it could be

On the old forum it was said to get a new thermal imager (which might be also false as it says it has the uprated engine)