British Weapon Systems - Technical data and discussion

Depends if it gets the uprated engine. But yes I’m just a tad bit annoyed that we didn’t get a Megatron’esque version in the tech tree but it makes sense as a premium I guess since there really is nothing else to add


No according them no primary sources say that it ever had it


Does anyone ever heard of something called Challenger 2 XXX?

Come here

No place holder my bet is the 130mm testbed

If anyone can source the 1500HP rating for it please DM the details and sources. Remember the rules around sources please.


It will be the LEP

Doubt they even have any primary sources for it considering the year of the tank. Everything for it is probably still classified.

That will be very hard. EXTREAMLY HARD.

CLIP RBSL. The “challenger 3” prototype.

The 130mm had 6 stowed rounds and 7 total with one in the gun. I don’t think theres anything to suggest more than that so it would be hard for them to add.

it either that or Streetfighter with it mockup ATGM launcher and dozer blade

I suppose they could do that too but it fixed none of the issues with the Challenger 2. Hell even the Challenger 3 doesn’t fix the huge issue of the obese, over engineered hull.

But yeah it could at least be good to have.

CLIP or LEP 110%

Plottwist no one expects Challenger 2 Srl

Would probably have got the similar inserts to the M1A1 AIM for the Aussies.

Of which, with gaijin acknowledging British tank issues at top tier…and giving us the T90S…the AIM would have been a better option for UK SQ Vehicle.

Unless they want to give us an AIM & a Canadian Leo.

Top tier Brit Line up…Chally 2, M1A1 AIM, Leo 2A4M CAN, T90S…Plz? Best of all worlds?


We gotta wait another decade for the Stormer AD first


Don’t worry the RAF had a highly credible solution for that…


Hand held XD. MoD is a state of mind


It get’s better. This was the C-130’s flare dispenser during the Falklands War:

Give the crew a flare pistol and get one of them to open the side door of the aircraft and shoot it out.


What next. Were the jokes about pilots in spitfires carrying a handgun and shooting enemy with it during dogfight true?