Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

Yes 400mm cast armour = 150 RHA. Clearly the Chinese steel workers skimmed on the quality. Doesn’t suprise me though to be honest.


They should have labelled it variable thickness tbh, the cursor is over the thinnest part of the mantlet (that there’s been many discussions over in the past)


400mm + 60mm + 30mm + 50mm = 250mm

CR2 Mantlet Logic

Accounting for angles and armour modifiers the CR2 mantlet should be anywhere from 550-600mm at its thickest and 180-220mm at the thinnest spots.


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I wouldn’t care how thick the mantlet is if I didn’t lose 2 crew members every time something shoots me there!

Don’t worry we will get a Leopard 2 from somewhere, France are getting a Dutch one, Italy have a Hungarian one now. Just shows how little Fks Gaijin gives (fix Leclerc and CR2 nah)

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let’s hope for the Vickers Mk7/2 as a foldered 10.3 and then the Canadian Leos


Germany has the Canadian C2 Leopard premium, it would be hard to go back on that and give Britain the 2A6M. And being honest its a cop out, Gaijin need to take ownership of the 100s of half finished vehicles they add into this game. Each and everyone of them should be at a playable level with if not realistic then believable armour and penetration values.

If the end game is give everyone a Leopard 2 an M1 or a T-80/90 its going to get boring fast.


Please dont bring the Canadian leopard argument here


No argument they already fkd that decision

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If you would have a thicker mantlet it would be volumetric hell and the occasional shot wouldn’t pen you killing 2 crew members but instead we have a glass window for the CR2/3 mantlet.


If we just got what we had on the dev server…


Are the Cheeks actually any use? I know that thats kinda worthless when you get one shotted through the Breech but did they at least give us that?

The cheeks are good on all CR2 variants. The CR3 TD has less armour and can be penned by Dm53 at approx 15 degrees off the centerline. The Ob. 292 pens the turret if not straight on.

I’d say the cheeks are the best in the game apart from the Leos with the arrowhead. The problem is the roof, mantlet and the whole hull.

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The one good thing about the Challengers are the turret cheeks. When 1/3 of your front turret face is as effective as wet napkins, your good cheek armour doesn’t do much for you.


Thought so, but was more thinking about the proliferation of AFPSDS and certain countries getting tanks and ammunition they certainly could not have mass produced at the quality presented in game… not looking at anyone in particular…

ahem Two Nine Two ahem sorry bout that, have a bit of a cold


I can’t recall meeting alot of 292s when I play the CR2s.

Simply put, no one is going to shoot your turret cheeks because it is physically impossible to miss the window called the CR2 mantlet.

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I see them all the time


Playing at 11.3 you see them often, at 11.7 not so much

Im not denying that you don’t see them.

I don’t play CR2 often but when I do, I personally don’t encounter hordes of 292. The occasional one, yes.

If they are shooting me, they aren’t shooting me in the turret cheeks…because mantlet window exists.