Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

Im not denying that you don’t see them.

I don’t play CR2 often but when I do, I personally don’t encounter hordes of 292. The occasional one, yes.

If they are shooting me, they aren’t shooting me in the turret cheeks…because mantlet window exists.

Was playing the T90M yesterday, trying to spade it.

Encountered a CR2.OES.

Put 1 3BM60 through the mantlet and took his crew and some modules.

I felt dirty.
I had to go shower afterwards.

As a CR2 player, I knew their pain.


Was doing this playing the m1 Aim, I verbally apologise each time I kill a Chally.


Yesterday I was grinding for the ADATS with my lineup:

(I have planes up to the meteor and only the wasp HAS.)

After 3 games I redeemed my coupon for the Leo2AV and started grinding the german tree


You need to taste the British apache. The ambush of blind ka52s with starstreaks is so entertaining


on my way to it, the new heli just crossed my plans a bit ;/

Played 3 games this morning every side shot is an ammo detonation, we are back to this nonsense I swear every time they patch this game they break something else!

Shot went through the engine and into the charge bins detonation
Second shot under the turret destroyed the ammo.

At this point the CR2 could be 9.7 and it still wouldn’t be OP joke of a tank

iirc the last major they made ammo hits a guaranteed detonation when stuck by the penitrator, tanks with large ammuntion racks suffer most from this. It’s one of the reasons the fox has been doing so well, get’s lots of one hits via ammo cook off

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I feel like each time I shoot an T series tank, their ammo eat darts on breakfast. Then we have the Leopards that are so god damn survivable. Almost impossible to oneshot…

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I Stopped playing my CR2s in favour of spading my Russian 11.7 line.

Much more survivable tanks (shock horror)

Decided to stop playing Rus 11.7 to pad out my German 11.7 line…Not a fun time.
Every game I played in Ger, the team with Russia had total control of the game within about 5 minutes.
Russian tank survival, along with having the Pantsir and SU25SM3, they absolute steamroll more often than not.

If you want to enjoy top tier, play Rus, thats all you can do.


But Russian tanks are so boring.

Who’s team was Sweden on?

Agreed. Russian tanks are boring.

They’re fun for a short while.

Which is why I want to pad out my other nations top tier tanks but it’s so unbearable.

Can’t remember honestly which side they were on.

But my first 5 matches playing German 11.7 today we got steamrolled. Mainly by overwhelming air power.