Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

Would be great

Do so, would be very thankfull. I would do it myslef but im unable to acces my PC rn. But i can see them say its not a bug its a feature. Irl Iron Fist would normaly intercept them, but encounters happen on greater distances, so chance of it happpening would be slim. In WT the distances are closer, so it is a problem.

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IIRC it detects the fastest threat it shouldn’t be detecting the sabot petals at all as the APFSDS is what’s moving faster and approaching the tank quicker regardless of range


It detects the first threat that enters its engagement profile (range, velocity, azimuth, and elevation), attacks that, and then has a re engagement time, for iron fist its 0.3 seconds, for any other threats. In the unlikely event that it were to attempt to engage a stray sabot petal and then someone kills you with a missile less than 0.3 seconds later its an issue but I dont think its technically inaccurate to how aps works irl.

Doesn’t really matter for darts either way because APS has been bugged since at least sons of Atilla and cant intercept any kinetic round and barely works against chemical either. (instead of destroying the projectile it “activates” it. For chemical that means the heat jets forms as if the round had just hit armor and if you get unlucky it can still penetrate and kill you, for kinetic it just does nothing)

I’ve cleaned up the bug list a bit, if there is any outstanding bug reports that I can link, please send me them, and i’ll add them to the list

@Gunjob Just noticed that @DevilO6 's bug report on side depression angles hasnt been looked at yet. Would you mind having a look at it please

Thank you in advance

It wont be unless i find proof that it can depress gun here. And let me tell you, it is hard to find photo/video of Cr2 doing so.

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New Chally 2 coming… And it’s GE Premium.[Development] [Shop] Rank VIII Ground Vehicles and Rank VII Premiums: Introducing the Challenger 2 (OES) & M1A1 HC! - News - War Thunder

A little Heavier TES with .50 cal. Maybe gen 3 tvd but not sure. Nothing to talk about, yall can leave

The question is have they improved the amour properly not
So a slower TES with a 50cal

The lack of attention and care on the challenger 2 is gonna bite them in the arse with this premium.

Who the hell is going to buy a tank which is implemented so badly that it jerks while turning as it’s constantly changing gears.



Someone will, and it will deincrease winrate, that leads to buffs!!!

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Gunjob calling

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The addition of this CR2 as a premium, basically means that we are either arent getting anything higher or the next will the CR2 right? There is no third option if I recall


No 1500 hp for sure. OES existed even before HAAIP

Wither Cr2 LEP, SF2, CR3 proto


That CR2 XXX could be this but it is’t really much different to the CR2 if its without its mock up ATGM launcher

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YEs, but does snail care?