Challenger 2 needs to be brought to developers attention

Thermal is from TISP. TBH i dont know if it went anywhere, but cathereine is right there

I assume it will also have the same ERA as the TES with the same botched implementation?

Most likely yes, but turret nera has slat plates. VERY SLIGHT chance it will get Dorch 2I istead of 2H on TES, but i dount it as it would be a much better version sa a prem (Unless the values are the same then idc)

That’s ERA plates mounted onto NERA blocks it’s what the hull side package should also be that’s just encased in a different housing.

They look like normal plates to me but ok

The Challenger 2 just introduced in today’s dev blog is the first Megatron, showed up in 2008. I don’t know the exact year but it also has a picture mounting M2 .50 Cal


So don’t expect CV12-9A or Catherine MP. Actually, new transmission for HAAIP just started testing with second ‘Megatron’ so nowhere OES would have 1500 hp engine and 3rd generation thermal. If there’s source claiming that, than those sources are unreliable

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Just to clarify what I meant on my earlier comment about the ch2 gearing, this is what future owners of the OES have to look forward to :

See the jerking during the turns as it can’t decide what gear to be in? See the horrifying speed drop at the slightest turn?

If Gaijin actually spent any time on the ch2 and fixed these issues, it would be a much, much better tank but I expect the new tank to be even worse.

For reference, this is the t-72AV

And this is the challenger ds

Quite frankly, these tanks implementation is shameful. It gets even worse when it’s a premium. That they have the gall to release a tank performing like that as a premium speaks volumes. If they fix it because of the premium, that’s almost worse.


How heavy is that thing. Looks like it’s about to break the suspensions

Around 75t 74,7t<

There’s no point in l28. What we need is for l27 to get it’s better performance !!


unless we get LEP which could have DM73


You know, that it will be years before it happens. Just give L28 with higher pen values

Ot will use 63 for a long time

yeah that could happen to

hello there, i am the creator of the E.N.T post (the tank you mentioned), technically it can be added because its an unfinished prototype, which is enough for it to be added, also the mockup was made for the 140mm cannon, its not the entire tank

TISP would apply to any post 2019 variants, so we could argue OES in its current form has it.

It would be absolutely in character for GJN to make the only good CR2 a premium, whilst leaving all the others broken/rubbish.


From what year is the OES we will get?

Looks exactly like this one (minus the 50cal);

Yea, but whats the year? DT 22 AA is the same that goes around Bovington up to this day with new barracuda ect during the tankfest, so the date of this specific “Look” would be nice.