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no you don’t. I have a whole thread about you defending BR Compression like your whole family is centimeter away from acid vat, you’re literally defending it by both twisting and ignoring me and other pro-decompression folk arguments without any meaningful respond to them except “you’re wrong” and misinterpret every single of our argument even after we explained it to you with literal sixth grade vocab.

I know you, you’re not slick, you’re still a contrarian with nobody best interest in mind.

I apologize that this misunderstanding occurred.
I can only imagine I wrote my posts poorly to the point they were misunderstood by you.
I guarantee that they were pro-decompression, and against compression.

Contrarian means to argue for the sake of arguing; evidence of a contrarian is someone that changes their positions from day to day.
My position on compression & decompression has never changed since forming them.

Now I have a bug report to update.

You players talking about a PVE mode are just cutting your own throats. Free to play players are the AI. NPC are predictable, human players are not.

Hang on… How do you have a PvP CAS only mode? Is that not entirely and completely contradictory ideas?

Surely CAS vs CAS in PvP is just ARB. an EC RB gamemode would be good, but thats PvPvE and if that was limited to CAS only, I think a lot of people in fighters would be upset.

So you are either advocating for a “CAS Only” mode which would essentially be a plane version of Heli PvE EC. Or you are advocating for the addition of an ASB style RB EC which is PvPvE which would be vastly more playable for CAS aircraft like ASB is, but that should not be CAS only, many at top tier would prefer much larger map sizes.

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Thank you to the player that accurately flagged my off-topic posts as off-topic. I accept that judgement.

Talking about cutting your own throat…

If you just set up a game mode where Free to play players are cannon fodder, the game mode will die off.

PVE is just easier to balance and far more laid back, so that’s why its suggested a lot.

I think the whole thing is all messed up. Its got so complicated with so many differnt game modes of play. Gaijin needs to do alot of work on maps and what a battle consists of. Or they need to seriously fix what they got

My first post in that thread is me literally endorsing decompression as the best method.

That, I agree on.

About me personally. I plat WT for the planes, ARB is more CAS with air support, than its is ARB

I too, am an air main, though I only Play Britain and top tier, we don’t exactly have aircraft designed for a furball. So CAS is my go to. I mainly play ASB these days because you can actually play an aircraft like the Tornado Gr1 like it’s meant to be played. Would love an RB style gamemode better suited for an aircraft like that without playing cockpit sometimes.

I trys to stay away from jets, they need there own maps and objectives, not WW2 style

Yeah, that I agree with too. I personally prefer jets, but yeah, we have C&P objectives regardless of whether you are in a gen 4 jet doing mach 1+ or in a bi-plane. Crazy they havent added BR appropriate objectives to any gamemode yet and its all just C&P with different vehicles

Desert storm world be a good map for CAS. but with a twist, USA v USSR 😀 defend or attack the WMD

I made this a while ago (I want to update it at some point with some more ideas) but many of the ideas on this could just as easily be applied to ARB and any of them could and should also come with an RB EC mode.

Sure but ist PvP no PvE

Well, it’s PvPvE. There is plenty of PvE targets to attack. Just you have to evade or defend against the enemy team whilst doing it.

Same could be said for ARB and AAB

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