Canberra b.r

This post is short. I found Canberra has too high b.r. imo it’s peak is 7.3. It just can’t do anything against mach 1 fighters and can’t even compete with your teammate strikers.

7.3?!! so in your opinion the B-57 with top speed of 946 Km/h and a bombload of 4000 kg not to mention that the B version have 8x50cals should be at the same Br of the Arado-234 C-3.


Well B version is more maneuverable and has 8 50. cal and better payload so it shoud stay on 8.3 or decreased to 8.0. Again 60 second turn time, bad payload for it’s b.r(2700 kg, not 4000). And no guns so it’s speed will be it’s ace in a hole because it doesn’t have anything else.

They are both fine at their Br if they need to go down 8.0 is the maximum the A version can carry 6x1000Ib bombs and the B can carry up to 8x1000Ib bombs and have guns the speed difference is not that big eather the A top speed is 946 Km/h and the B have top speed of 963 Km/h the only versions of the Canberra that should go lower than 8.0 to maximum of 7.7 are the British ones since they are much worse than the US ones yet at the same Br


Their Bars have felt excessive to me, I feel like 7.7-8.0 respectively would be a good be placement to try out for a while. They’re pretty crummy as is in my experience.

Wanna bet?

But i digress, there’s absolutely zero reason to be first into the middle of the map in a bomber at that BR, which both of your clips show. Even moreso if you’re facing France or Sweden—you know what’s going to be up there.

I agree with canberras to 8.0. At the bare minimum the unarmed ones, seeing as all their counterparts in other trees are faster, have defensive armaments, and have higher bomb loads IIRC. Correct me if I’m wrong on that last one.

Well B version is more maneuverable and has 8 50. cal and better payload so it should stay on 8.3 or decrease to 8.0.

I somewhat disagree with this statement, the American B-57A/B at least from my experience are generally faster but also less maneuverable than their British counterparts the Canberra B Mk.2/(I)6 with different engines.

Also, the B-57B should be in theory heavier than the B-57A with the extra added gun armament in the wings, heavier payload and added pylon options, plus a 2-seater cockpit and a revolving bomb bay door so the turning time being better than the B-57A variant is questionable at best.

Also, the B-57B a few major updates ago received an optional modification upgrade to swap its M3 8 x .50 cals for the 4 x M39 20mm cannons with a firing rate up to 1500 RPM which are essentially the same guns the F-86F-2, F-100 and F-5 jets have but at 8.3 BR which is pretty nasty already putting them at a lower BR at like 8.0 would be a head-on monster.