Can you open the ingame chat already?

For yesterday’s news, we still can not communicate with teammates other than bland radio messages. Not being able to moderate 5% of the people isn’t a good reason for disabling whole chat. It signals weakness.


How dare you question our Molluscian Masters!


Re-enable the chat and handle the people that cause problems on an individual basis.

Also, stop closing threads that are discussing this issue.


Have a dedicated thread to it, some kind of announcement, or preferably both.

Shutting down the in-game chat DOES negatively impact the player experience, and I want to have at least SOME kind of announcement for it.


It’s the weekend, but we may see something tomorrow. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter either way; we can use chat, or we can’t.

You mean gaijin doing his job?
We don’t do that here
Also punishing everyone because of few Is what gaijin do Better After all.
Why Bother to talk with Is when you can Just silence everyone that Is complaining
As Always gaijin have shown to us that they don’t care and they have learned nothing

thats a couple 100 hours of moderator work i still think it should remain down after IRL events for at least 3-4 days


I am pretty sure they have an automated system in place for people that get reported a lot.

The chat should never be disabled. This is an objective based team game, the chat is a necessary tool for communicating with your team.

Yes, there are radio callouts, but how many of them are actually useful? There’s a couple in air battles, but for ground battles, there aren’t nearly enough and even the useful ones aren’t well implemented (aircraft spotting, enemy positions and vehicle types).

No other game disables the chat following IRL events.


Was there anything inflammatory about these events ingame, at all?


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It’d be better to remove text chat entirely and develop a VOIP system so we can actually communicate with team mates.

Yeah, turn this into CoD lobby where everyone bombs the N-word and other shit and you have limited way of proving them with hate speech. No thanks. I also don’t want to hear the screams of 12 year olds at this age.


Have you seen ingame chat?

Funny how when palestine attacked israel we had a spike in pro palestine/anti israel comments in game and yet the chat didn’t get disabled but when it touch our gloruous russian overlords…

I believe it is open now

Yes. But you can report these people with the chat log immediately. Imagine that VOIP is only way of talking to other teammates and everyone is screaming on top of their lungs all sorts of c*ap and you need to right click silence them manually.

How can you report someone with these kind of things if you are not constantly recording game VOIP? They won’t store voice records surely. VOIP at best should be optional and even then, I don’t think vast majority will be talking english and there will be lots of chatter and unintelligible talk on VOIP.

Still disabled for me

i’m sorry it said chat connected on my game but turns out it was not.

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Don’t worry, everyone make mistakes.
honestly i was hoping you were right

I’m going to lose my mind if I have to see this same thread for the 50th time!

@Pacifica said “stay tuned to the news!”

That means we will hear something about it. Chill. Chat will not be gone forever. Please cool it. I’m gonna go insane if I have to see another thread about this.