Call of the Dragon: Earn the Object 292!

Will it be possible to buy the tradable coupon upgrade for GE or WB?

Cause these 750.000 points for this thing are completly out of this world.

I have around 500-600k points, I think by just playing normally you earn points for both coupon and stars?

Well, for me its a bit much. I guess after the last Star I top out at 550.000 points. I’m not in the moot to grind full 750.000 points.

if you are at 550k you now have 2 days to get 200k points. that is 130k without modifiers if you play at top tier RB.
let say an average of 1.5k points per game at 10-15 minutes per game (10 to be generous with calculations) so you need around 87games in 2 days, 43.5 games per day, 435 minutes per day (435/60= 7 hours and 15 minutes of gametime per day).
i mean. its doable but good luck :)

corrected some math i did wrong

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No thx, Ive got a life lol. I can’t play 7h / day one single videogame…and then always the same, even the same gamemode over and over again. Bleh.


Honestly, I gonna put the game down a little bit after grinding that crap, I already consumed the coupon and the tank is OK-ish, this is perhaps the grindiest one compared to Sturmtiger. Got so sick of playing and maybe a few weeks off will be good for me.

If you play Ground AB those 750.000 points can turn into more than 1.000.000 points.

I finished 7/9 stages but cannot find the purchase button for missing stages. Please help!!

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Got it! Thank you so much

nah Rank 8, But im Noob in Tank Battels, I mean there is lot of Players which they just Snips me every time and they know where to hide and get Ez kills, that happens because I am Pilot no a Tank man like others. 😎😅😣😣😌

such a Beast U R 🤣😂🤔🤔

I’ve made a suggestion, you can check it out here !

No, and it should never be possible ever again.

I spent nearly 2,5 million SL on Dragon chests. I spent all my SL. But not a single premium vehicle.
Three times the pointer pointed at a premium vehicle, but in the last second it turned on some low SL bonus or booster.

Furthermore, I still have the Mirage from Winter event, but It has so low price if I sell it that I can’t buy a Hungarian Bf 109 F.

I’m really “happy”…

Rookie numbers. I got one Hawk coupon and IL-2 M-82 on account within 100 crates,opened 400 more and nothing. My squadron mate got two Surblinde coupons so he made over 1400 GJN.

M60 AMBT here :p

yeah… those numbers are nothing. i have so far spent like 12 mil without getting any vehicle.

Encouraging gambling. I don’t participate in these counter strike style boxes.

The chests are a money sink for people with ten-millions, not those that haven’t even seen 10 mil.
My advice is to complete the game to the vehicles you want before you start spending SL on SL burn mechanics.

Except SL isn’t real money.

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