Call of the Dragon: Earn the Object 292!

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It’s 2024 and a dragon is calling! We’re inviting you to celebrate the Year of the Dragon by participating in the Call of the Dragon event, starting February 1st, to earn yourself some sweet dragon related cosmetics and the unique Object 292 tank.

Call of the Dragon is the first event in our new event cycle that we announced earlier this week. If you’re wondering about the new event cycle, click here to find out all of the details.

From February 1st (11:00 GMT) until February 19th (11:00 GMT), earn mission points in Ground Battles, unlock stages and receive rewards!

Object 292 — an event vehicle MBT for the USSR at Rank VII

Meet the Object 292. This was one of the last Soviet experimental tank developments, developed from the T-80 that features a newly filled 152 mm smoothbore gun. The grand reward for this event — complete 8 stages and it’s yours!

Dragon Decals and a Decoration!

For a specific number of stages, you’ll also be able to get yourself the following dragon decals, decoration and loading screen, plus a chest that contains rewards.

“Black Dragon” decal

“Green Dragon” decal

“Green Dragon” decoration

Among the rewards of the event is also this chest that you can open and get the chance of one of the following items:

  • 50,000 - 100,000 Silver Lions
  • Silver Lion and Research Point boosters
  • Random Wagers and Orders
  • Universal Backups (1 - 3)
  • A random camouflage for a vehicle you own
  • 1 day of Premium Account

How to get all rewards

Each stage can be obtained for 45,000 mission points, where every new stage obtained will give you a new reward.

You’re able to earn mission points in Ground Battles at Rank III or above in Arcade, Realistic and Simulator Battles. The number of mission points to complete a stage depends on the game mode and the maximum Rank of the vehicle that you use in battle. There’s a multiplier for earning mission points, which is shown in the task description in-game.

You can also earn mission points by using event vehicles that are Rank I and II. Event vehicles that can be used have the name of the event that they were obtainable in on their stat card.

Stages change every two days at 11:00 GMT on February 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th and 17th.

Rewards are given when you complete a specific number of stages

  • For 1 Stage: chest with a random reward
  • For 2 Stages: one of the decal rewards
  • For 3 Stages: “Dragon Box” Silver Chest
  • For 4 Stages: one of the decal rewards
  • For 5 Stages: chest with a random reward
  • For 6 Stages: “Green Dragon” decoration
  • For 7 Stages: “Dragon Box” Silver Chest
  • For 8 Stages: non-tradable coupon for the Object 292
  • For 9 Stages: “Call of the Dragon” loading screen

When you complete 8 stages, you’ll receive a non-tradable coupon for the Object 292, where using it will immediately activate the vehicle onto your account. If you don’t want the vehicle and would like to sell the coupon on the Market, you’ll need the “Upgrade for coupon” item.

The “Upgrade for coupon” item can be earned in parallel with the stages throughout the event from February 1st (11:00 GMT) until February 19th (11:00 GMT) for 750,000 mission points.

After receiving the “Upgrade for coupon” item, you can convert a non-tradable coupon for the vehicle into a tradable one and sell it on the Market. The tradable coupon can be sold after 6 days from the moment it’s created.

The “Upgrade for coupon” item is valid until 11:00 GMT on February 22nd. Until this time, you can use it or exchange it for War Bonds. Afterwards, it’ll disappear from your inventory.

You can track the progress of completing stages and receiving the “Upgrade for coupon” by clicking on your Nickname > Achievements > Call of the Dragon. If you don’t manage to complete a stage on time or would like to purchase a stage, until February 22nd from the Achievements window, you can purchase each stage with Golden Eagles which will give you the corresponding rewards.


I’m sorry WTF, 750000 mission points to get the market coupon. This is absolutely horrible. And will just inflate the market price of the vehicle or make people buy stages with GE. So in the end just a cash grab.


Might just be me, but doesn’t it miss the mark a little by going with a “Call of the dragon” theme and making the main vehicle for this event be…Russian?

All for cool vehicles but like…How does this theme relate to Russia at all? lol

Surely a Chinese vehicle would’ve been more on-brand?


I like it, but only because I don’t like it so I can sit out this one.


Chinese be like:



750 000 mission points… thats like 16 stages



If i may ask, is the 750k points split into stages/stars or can those be farmed at any point of the event


They did the same for crafting event with japanese theme, where it was japanese battleship, that I think noone wanted. Would have been better with tank or plane, but nah


45K for each state and 750K for a tradable coupon, WTF???

Gaijin shooting his own feet again.


Sorry Gaijin youre breaking this game. That grind is too hard for youre average playerbase.

1 Way too fix it can be: Drop the 2 day thing make it grind the max amount of point for example 400000 (as its 4500 X 9) So people can plan when too grind.


750,000 mission points?? wtf??!


Does that mean if you change untradable coupon into tradable, you only have 6 days to sell it?
Weird wording for me.



You can earn from 1st february to 19th february, so basically from start of event, to the end of it. Thats why they used word parallel.

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What the hell does the Chinese year of the Dragon have to do with some old Soviet tank???


In previous events you unlocked the non-tradable vehicle after 8 stages, and the “upgrade for coupon” after 10 stages. In the previous Winter Extreme for example, each stage was 40k score.

This meant you could get a vehicle after accumulating stages worth 320k score in total, and the tradable coupon after 400k total.

Now you’re making the tradable coupon 750k? Almost double of what it used to be?

And now every stage is 45k instead of 40k. Damn…


Thats how i understood it, just wanna confirm with WT team.


WTF? Are you serious?! That’s whack. Completely insane. This is impossible for anyone with an IRL job.


Its just so weirdly framed. It’d be like going “Welcome to Our ‘Her Magestys Army’ event. The main prize is a prototype M50 Ontos.”


I will grind just for that decal.

God damn.

Also, sorry, forgot to complain. 750k for tradeable coupon? are you crazy