Call of the Dragon: Earn the Object 292!

I actually recorded in excel table times and scores grinding one star using 12.0 GER lineup and then addtional 45k score using US 5.7 lineup.

Notice that US 5.7 has higher base score but GER 12.0 has higher multiplied score.

Heres the kicker - if you made the rank modifier same for rank III as for rank VII, lower ranks would become more optimal for grinding than top tier


If you made rank I and II ( and III since theyre grouped together) modifiers better, at some point they too would become more optimal ergo attracting more turbosweats


Only for this ranks you can use the multipliers to be less than 1.
Rank 1 - 0.8 and rank 2 - 0.9 since this are event vehicles and mostly are owned by older more experienced players.
It’s a hard thing to balance but this is why it has to be discussed and not just implemented without consulting the players. To be a discussion like the road map. Since they want to be something all year round.

Well thats why i am collecting this data (albeit ineffectively) and exposing myself to critique.

Also might come in handy, tables with time required to gain 45k score, assuming average game time calculated from what i recorded

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Good luck in your endeavours

First of all, I hope you understand the devs don’t read this topic. So we can talk here about everything, but this surely won’t change anything.

If it were up to me, I would definitely set the multipliers similarly to your proposition.

I would allow all players to participate in the event, including new players at rank 1 and 2, but then set multipliers in a way that experienced players wouldn’t want to play at low ranks:

  • Rank 1: x0.7
  • Rank 2: x0.8
  • Rank 3: x1.0
  • Rank 4: x1.1
  • Rank 5: x1.2
  • Rank 6: x1.3
  • Rank 7: x1.4
  • Rank 8: x1.5

With such multipliers, experienced players will try to stay at rank 3+ (to not get negative multipliers), but new players would be able to complete the event too if they play the game a lot.

The current rules for rank 1 and 2 only allow experienced players that have old event vehicles to play there. And because right now rank 1 has the same multiplier as rank 3, it’s actually better to use something like the BT5/BT7 lineup at rank 1 than a proper lineup at rank 3. But to do this, you must have BA-11 (old event vehicle). If you do, you can get very good average scores, as BT5/BT7 are pretty overpowered for their BRs. And this is exactly why I would prefer to see negative multipliers only at ranks 1 and 2.

But like I said, it’s not up to us and there is literally no way to contact the devs and ask them why exactly they set the rank multipliers the way they are.


You should try it in Ground Arcade, with less 40% of the scores that you make just due to the multiplier.

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Sealclubbing doesn’t happen just on lower ranks. And by that logic, then would you sealclub a sealclubber? Cause if players play lower ranks for sealclubbing then I’m sure it’s not just one and for that reason they would also be facing each other sealclubbers.
It’s like when people say that Arcade is easier cause you get the green cross and the markers and all that stuff, but forget to mention that the other players that are aiming at you all them have the same stuff against you.


I dont get your logic here. Have i made some absolute statement on where clubbing occurs and that somehow when going clubbing one is immune to facing opponents that are at a similar skill level?

When you’re replying to someone asking for the multiplier for rank 3 to go higher and one of the problems you see is that “it makes it less clear that sealclubbing is not the way to go” I can only assume that you are refering to lower ranks sealclubbing. People tend to think that lower ranks has less skilled players than higher ranks and that is simply not my experience playing both, the good players are good at any rank and play anything well, and you face them whether you’re playing lower or higher ranks.

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In retrospect i might have missread the comment i was replying to somewhat. To which i will apologize to @cr_xlr8 , im guessing your comment was in regards to arcade getting shafted in terms of points

Idk the status in Arcade (which is iirc what you play, i personally dont touch it much) , but in RB there is a distinct difference in engaging bottom BR rank 3 (around 2.7) and 8.0+.

Now it could at the end of the day just be the vehicle differences or the fact low tier is conpressed to hell, but it is significantly easier to slam teams at low BR.

Thats a great idea, the problem is Gaijin since long time ago are tying to force people play the crap top tier where probably they gain more money.

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I wasn’t commenting on that although that is a fact since the difference in multiplier is around 40% of your score while the difference in average score between both modes is only around 4%.

What I mean is from my experience of playing both higher and mid ranks(although those that mostly play higher ranks consider rank III and IV to be low ranks) that there are a lot of very skilled and experienced players on those ranks simply cause many good players prefer to play WW2 tanks. I used to play high ranks exclusively for more than a year until I got bored and went back to WW2 tanks, and now I find it way more fun and challenging to play, not only for the CAS but also cause you actually have to aim way more precisely at weakspots. Many of the tanks at higher ranks feel the “same” while at mid ranks they are so different to play.

Yeah that was a comment to the person i was apologizing to.

Yeah the lower tier gameplay is nice and challanging in other ways than top tier. Usually i dont spend my time at top tier ground.

But while i enjoy my time at 2.7 and 3.7 with the right lineup it can be straight up disgusting. And i generally wanna discourage that kind of play due to the timed and score dependant nature of the event.

One question . For obtain the saleable coupon you need 9 taks plus the 750K or just 8 task and 750K ???

Held this guy at gun point

How it ended

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8 tasks and 750k

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Hello, i think have a problem
Why the 292 canon are impossible to break with 40mm canon? It’s normal? i cant damage a 292 with every 9040 of my linup…

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Sorry to bother you, but is there any word from the devs on if they plan to correct the Object 292’s engine?

It’s supposed to share the same 1250hp engine as T-80U, and a report regarding such has already been acknowledged: // Issues

We saw a large amount of changes to recent event vehicles like TOG 2 and Vilkas before they were made available, so to see an error this large in the tank’s modeling go uncorrected before the tank is released to everyone is quite strange.

Finally!!! now i hope can sell this for a good price.