Call of duty but with tanks

Sadly yes in part. Almost 100 votes and it is almost 50/50.

For me is annoying when you´re looking at one street where you know the enemy is going to come or even you heared them and look away for 1.2 seconds to be conscious of you´r surroundings and in these 1.2 seconds a guy literally sticked to a wall comes out looking already directly to you to just do click and kill you without any chance of defending you´r self, so for me, cannon physics can be a good implement (if they do it correctly but we know, it is Gaijin) to change some play styles, because almost the 90% of the matches are in small city maps even in top tier


The cannon physics idea when you put it like that makes sense. It avoids what used to be called clipping which was firing through the edge of buildings abusing the poor physics system.



Odd, Escape from Tarkov or ARMA are hardcore simulators that people enjoy a lot. I’m sure a lot of people would enjoy a more grounded experience in War Thunder. Sim battles deserve a massive rework IMO, mostly in the maps department and other features such realistic fire control systems and battle management systems. I can’t believe that modern MBTs with GPS on board can’t see other allied tanks on the battlefield.

Small changes like that would make the SB experience a lot better, of course the GPS shouldn’t update in real time to keep it balanced, but it would greatly increase team awareness in ground SB for higher tiers and make it more accessible for people.


Yep, I remember that.

And now with the addition of PSO tanks it makes more sense to give the cannon some kind of physics, maybe leaving the option to break when hit, at high or low speed may be a “little” too much for some people, but leaving physics that don’t allow you to turn the turret to stick the cannon through a building to just peek and shoot I think it may be good and may leave some possibilities to defend your self about this kind of shooting and can change (i think for good) the play style of some maps


I also forgot to mention that we even have radios and even radio operator crew modeled in game, even lower tiers would benefit from it. I can imagine a system where you can relay your last known position in the map to your allies in WW2 SB.

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barrels hitting walls

And every time you spawn in a match, there’s a 10% chance your crew has dysentery and performs all actions 20% slower and has to stop and get out every 5 minutes.

The big stumbling block to that is the forum base demanding constant Balance. So the game had become a soccer match on a soccer pitch rather than a defend and attack scenario that real war might be, and it is becoming more so with every update.

Yeah, balanced games are objectively the most fun, as you can see with every game in every genre, including real life sports, chess, running, anything, that has thrived for more than like 10 years, it is obsessive about balance. Because it’s a basic human condition of fun gameplay. That’s not a “stumbling block” for anything, it’s just a fundamental basic fact of good games.

Odd, Escape from Tarkov or ARMA are hardcore simulators that people enjoy a lot.

A bunch of people in general society didn’t enjoy them a lot. A bunch of people out of the tiny, and heavily selection biased group of people who already enjoyed fiddly and simulator-ish games to begin with, to be in the pool of those games in the first place, enjoyed it.

That’s just the same 1% group of of people that pay War Thunder SB mode, but in a much smaller, cherrypicked community, that 1% for WT that wants more simulator is instead 15% or 20% for ARMA and Tarkov, or whatever, who want more simulator.

Stat based on nothing, but imagine we are just 10% of the community who enjoys SIM games. Okay then 100% (leaving aside arcade modes) are between 40% on ARB, 35% on GRB, 10% on SB, 10% on NB, and 5% on WW mode. By your logic Gaijin need to remove Simulator battles, Naval battles, and world war modes because these are played by the “minority” of the community and these modes are played less than Air RB and Ground RB. So no, I think adding a REAL simulator mode or giving a rework to Simulator Battles are no a big deal for Gaijin, I can call it more like laziness


If only you hadn’t ignored 80% of what I said and actually said. I want SB to become more accessible to the general player base by adding features that would not only make it more realistic, but actually live up to its name. Not having any awareness in SB is outright ridiculous for a combined arms game with vehicles packed with electronics, so people shy away from it naturally.

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No no, it’s based on hard data, actually, not “nothing”

It’s literally measured 1% that play War Thunder SB. I was not being dramatic. 1% is actually generous, I would put it more at 0.5% squinting at the chart again.

By your logic Gaijin need to remove Simulator battles, Naval battles, and world war modes because these are played by the “minority” of the community

I see no reason to REMOVE them, the cost is sunk already. They should stop spending effort on them, though, and certainly not invest a huge amount in a brand new mode even more in that direction.

I don’t disagree with you at all that they could surely improve it and make it more accessible etc, and maybe all your suggestions were great ones.

The point is that even if that’s wildly successful, and triples the player count, that’s still only helping 2% of War Thunder players (from 1% to 3% = +2%)

All that effort implementing all those great ideas would STILL have been much better spent on GRB, GAB, ARB, and AAB where > 95% of the players are. Those modes only have to get a few percent better to still help more people with that effort than simulator getting 200% better. So they should spend the effort on those.

1 - “Stats” from early 2021, like almost 100k-120k less player base than today (today in game record that I saw was like 170-190k so im being generous taking away 100-120k).
2 - Made by an user, not the company itself (I do not detract from its merit, but it is not an official document.)

3- Then why they keep spending effort? Yea we know the premiums, but nothing more IMO
4- Your logic says, this is just the “”“1%”“” of the player base when they was more or less 100% less people than today, do maths and you have your answer

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2% of players that is roughly 4000 players, that is certainly no small amount of people that would enjoy QoL changes. Gaijin definitely has the resources and time to implement the trivial features I mentioned if you omit the fire control system. So why do you go out of your way to be so hostile to the small player base that enjoys a game mode you don’t even play?

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Cool, can’t wait for your stats from 2023 that are better. Until then, 1% is the best information we have.

like almost 100k-120k less player base than today

You realize that changing the total amount of a population has nothing to do with PERCENTS, yes? Unless you have some sensible, reasonable theory as to why the new players would be overwhelmingly more interested in simulator than the old players were, there is no reason to predict a change in the %.

not an official document

Good thing I’m not giving you formal legal advice before signing an investment contract, then, and this is a casual forum conversation. You informally “not detracting from its merit” is all we need for this purpose. eyeroll

Doesn’t matter how many raw people it is, because if that same developer time was spent in the 95% popular modes, instead, you get even BIGGER numbers

  • SB improves by X amount, benefits 4,000 players

  • ARB for example, improves by the same X amount instead because developers spent that time there instead of SB, benefits 50,000 players

Is it better to spend the same resources to benefit 4,000 players, or 50,000 players?

I dont have such amount of time, do it by you own if youre interested

More people = more chance = more percent. So you realize it already ammount has to do with percentages?. Logic, I dont need a sensible theory to prove it, just pure logic.

Nope i didnt say something like that, only this is not a research from the company who OWN the game and can have exacts stats, rather than approximate stats

Because im not detracting him from his merit. The guy has his merit for doing such of research.

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You don’t speak for the playerbase nor represent Gaijin so stop trying to mini mod and pulling stats from 3 years ago when the game didn’t even have 200000 players. Imagine writing off 4000 players (and probably more since then) because they won’t play other game modes, it’s not worth arguing with you. Bye.

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Why? I have perfectly good data here, that nobody has even so much as a theory as to why it WOULD be outdated or have changed. So there’s no reason to waste the time.

Yes I do, because I gave you data, which comes from Gaijin and player activity (the replay servers data, from in game). The players deciding to play matches or not in a mode very much so “speaks for” themselves and what they enjoy.

If you all (as in the community) love Simulator so much, maybe consider playing it more than 1% of the time, and it will be worth investing more in. Actions speak louder than words.